Spring Leasing Tips

Typically, the Spring and early Summer seasons are when we really start to see leasing activity heat up each year.  With more activity there generally comes more demand and competition for rental properties.  From a timing perspective, it’s generally best to start looking for a rental home about two months before your planned move date.  If you start looking much sooner than that, it’s often the case that any homes you see available now will no longer be available in 2+ months.  If you delay your search much longer than that, you might find yourself scrambling to find a home in time.  Note that where allowable, competing offers can be in play and you may need to be prepared to make your “best and highest” offer.  As we have seen recently in the sales world, many homes go for over the marketed asking price.  This is not as common with rental homes, but it can happen.  Note that the “best” offer does not always translate to a higher monthly rental price.  The start date and duration of the lease can be just as important, and it may be necessary to sign a lease on a home sooner than you plan to move in so that your offer is competitive.  Make sure to always look at the Availability Date in the marketing.

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