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Commercial Services

Commercial representation is key in maximizing your interest no matter which service you use

At Lori Gill & Associates, we pride ourselves on our diverse background and experiences to provide the highest level of Commercial Real Estate services to best accomplish our clients goals and aspirations.

Some of the commercial services that we provide are:

  • Property Management - We oversee all aspects of the management process to maximize your ROI
  • Landlord Representation - We secure high value Tenants and Leases to achieve your Properties goals
  • Tenant Representation - We pursue locations to best promote your business strategy


We employ proven management strategies to maximize income and minimize expenses

Income/ Expense

  • Online payment portal to provide easy payment options and expedited processing

  • Balance the monthly income and expenses

  • Diligent rent collection process

  • Owner Portal access to monitor pending payments

  • Thorough approval process for all invoices

  • Direct deposit monthly owner payments


  • Online maintenance request for tenants

  • Pre-screened, licensed and insured vendor list

  • 24 hour emergency on call service


  • Licensed Leasing Agents assigned to show you property

  • Detailed move-in and periodic inspections

  • Robust training for on site employees

  • Diligent delinquency management

  • Thoroughly screened qualified tenants

  • Tenant retention efforts through exceptional service


  • Budgets prepared and tracked monthly to ensure we are in line with expectations

  • Owner portal provides current and historical information: Financials, pending payments, etc

  • Monthly and annual financial reporting delivered

  • Utilizing progressive technology tools, all parties are kept up to date

Move out process

  • Because of our stringent move in process and periodic inspections we are better equipped to assess correct move out charges

  • Strict adherence to Landlord Tenant Law protects all parties from unbudgeted expenses

  • Excess charges not paid within the given time frame are managed by a third party collector



We know how important your property investment is, and we know that finding the right tenant is key to seeing your investment grow. To that end, we partner with you to help you prepare your property for the market, and then advertise your property so that it gains maximum exposure to the correct demographic.

It's all in the details

  • A property that is ready for market will rent more quickly and for a higher price

We employ proven marketing strategies to raise interest for your investment property in the rental market and attract qualified business owners:

  • Up to date Market analysis with information on current rental market conditions

  • Advice on how to make your property more attractive to prospective renters

  • Expert strategy for setting the right rental price

Our Reach = Your Results

  • Target Demographic

    We will identify your demographic and create direct marketing campaigns to draw in the people most likely to fill your building

  • Movers and Shakers

    We proactively reach out to targeted professionals conducting business with your property type and ensure that your space is in front of them

  • Technology

    Utilizing progressive technology tools, your property is in front of any search tool

Maximum Online Global Exposure Through:

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  • Office Space Website

We are members of the following organizations:

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ROI/ Fees

We employ proven marketing strategies to raise interest for your investment property in the rental market and attract qualified applicants.

We are all invested in the bottom line

  • Full management allows our teams to have a trained eye on all aspects of the property

  • Long term planning on improvements that will increase the value of your investment

  • Thoroughly screened applicants ensure that we are getting the right person in your place which can greatly condense liabilities

  • Robust maintenance plan ensures what is there will last

  • Knowing a property inside and out in addition to the laws in Washington, our teams are prepared to protect your investment avoiding unnecessary fines or fees


  • To find out more about commercial management fees. Contact Us Today

  • Property Manager, Leasing Agent, Accounting and Administrative team

  • Our team is ready to work for you


Please contact us today to find out more about commercial management fees!