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- Behfar Bastani-Booshehri, 12/16/2022

I am a client of several property managers in several states and Stacy is the most responsive and proactive of them all. Many property managers communicate well at the beginning but recede into the background until the customer raises issues. Stacy has been a model and a breath of fresh air in her communication and follow up ever since we signed up with her. Thank you! A++.

- Christopher Allers, 12/9/2022

I have truly never had such a pleasant experience from a rental management company. Often, I have felt like companies expect tenants to take unreasonably perfect care of a house that has been neglected for years by the owner and company, is in disrepair upon move-in and things never get fixed. I got the impression (even before move-in) that this experience will be very different. I can tell that you seem to care about your properties, your tenants, and want to keep all parties happy and taken care of, which is all we can hope for as renters.

- Yu Tseng Tsao, 12/2/2022

Laurie Rohrich is excellent! We are lucky to have Laurie managing properties for us. She knows the market, knows the tenants, and is always in touch with us. We know our properties are in good hands. We appreciate she went above and beyond to ensure the entire leasing process is successful.

- Kayla Chavez, 11/16/2022

Shannon Williamson always helps right away with any problems that come up!

- David Herraiz Diaz, 11/9/2022

We just arrived to the country and there are several things that are completely different. Hannah Grubaugh and Susie Ross always had a great disposition to help us understand those differences and how things are done here in the U.S. I can say their attitude and being willing to help us with all those questions was a key factor for us to establish the relationship with the company and their leasing process.

- Danielle Falline, 11/8/2022

Laurie Hoskins helped us with our move in date and meeting us after office hours on a Friday to get us the keys. Laurie has been extremely helpful with this relocation move.

- Crockett Street Partnership LP, 10/31/2022

Lynn Douglas has been a safe pair of hands! Lynn has taken care of my rental property for a year now. She is conscientious, thoughtful and willing to work with me when we had to do repairs and make choices regarding the unit.

- Rongerude Disclaimer Trust,10/28/2022

Prompt, efficient, knowledgeable, and kind. Ann Ashford instills confidence in the way she deals with us. Ann has done a great job easing us through the process of turning homes over to her care. We appreciate her very much!

- Ron Britton, 10/19/2022

Keith Abernathy keeps me updated on the status of the property, annual chores to address, and he keeps me informed if the client has suggestions or needs and expediently takes care of them. The service is the best I have experienced with a property manager.

- Janelle Finlon, 10/18/2022

David Drake had an excellent response and turnaround time, I was extremely impressed by his prompt communication. Working with David was a great experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

- Teresa Hollenbeck, 10/17/2022

Gino Araki Nathan is AMAZING!!! Best customer service ever! Gino was spot on in everything he did. Love his response time, his professionalism, his helpful and kind emails, he went above and beyond for me. I am always confident that your team will find me the best renter!

- Kelly Carter, 10/17/2022

Gino Araki Nathan is AMAZING! He is clear, communicative, responsive, courteous, and detail-oriented; all attributes our previous property manager lacked. He followed up on every concern and question we had without us having to prompt or remind him. We couldn’t be more relieved and grateful! We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Gino.

- Marilyn A. Enright-Barrett, 10/17/2022

Robert Manangan is prompt, accurate, and timely.

- Tara Hankin, 10/5/2022

Lynn Douglas is knowledgeable, professional and gets things done.

- Nathan Alvarado, 10/4/2022

Robert Manangan was very thorough and helpful. Robert worked with our hectic schedule during the entire leasing process.

- Sherry Henderson, 9/27/2022

I am writing to give Laura Donahue an A+ in property management. She has exceeded my top expectations. Laura transformed the house from a ‘typical’ rental to a home that someone could be proud to call home. This was my childhood home – it has many memories of family gatherings filled with laughter; it is a happy place. Laura understands the market … how to maintain the value … all while cherishing the joy of the property. Anyone who hires Laura Donahue to maintain their home is lucky to have her

- Gary Wong, 9/20/2022

Excellent service! Shannon Williamson is very responsive, knowledgeable, and patient with me. She even explained to me about the ins and outs of the laws of renting and screening new tenants. Thank you, Shannon Williamson for your excellent service!

- Shannon Hanson, 9/19/2022

Stacy Jost is smart, knowledgeable, transparent, straightforward, funny, and awesome! Stacy always exceeds my expectations – she is responsive and resourceful at every turn!

- Barbara A. Graef, 9/19/2022

The service provided by Jodi Schatz is excellent. Jodi always goes above and beyond!

- Michael Homestead, 9/16/2022

I was really anxious about moving in such a short time frame which was needed for my son’s school starting. Both Jodi Schatz and Susie Ross were very patient, did an awesome job getting through the process quickly, and giving updates quickly when ever asked.

- Robert Dahlstrom, 8/31/2022

Jodi Schatz always seems available and was very responsive. Jodi helped me find the resources to get my house ready to rent. Her presentation of the house was perfect, and because of her efforts, I have a very god tenant! I am very fortunate to have found Jodi Schatz to help me rent my property.

- Mary Ann Benack, 8/30/2022

Jonny Weinstein is absolutely fantastic – he is very responsive and accountable. Jonny consistently exceeds my expectations. I am grateful for him!

- 3625B Evanston Ave LLC, 8/30/2022

Jeni Wang is great to work with! She would anticipate problems and help find a solution to fix the problem.

- Gail & John Shipek 8/16/2022

Hannah Grubaugh knows the market and priced the home appropriately. Hannah is a good communicator, professional and easy to feel comfortable with. Her kindness was more than I expected, and she connects well with her customers.

- Jason & Kristin Bohreer, 8/16/2022

Ann Ashford always exceeds our expectations, going above and beyond the call. Ann is knowledgeable, exceptional, detailed, careful, personal… I could go on!  Ann handled everything while we were out of the country. I trust her completely because time and again she has proven herself trustworthy.

- Yan Liu, 7/25/2022

Jeni Wang is very responsive and helpful. She takes care of everything for me.

- Bentzen Properties LLC, 6/17/2022

Tony Strobel is very professional. Tony meticulously manages the details of tenant transitions. He handles the details with the HOA spectacularly. When the new tenants wanted to move in quickly, he coordinated all the details with getting early approval from the HOA in a very professional manner.

- Michael Irvine, 6/16/2022

Rob Manangan is easy to get a hold of, responds promptly and always has good advice.

- Gayna Williams, 6/15/2022

Theo Montgomery’s communication style is perfect for me. He is excellent to work with and we have recommended him to other property owners.

- Byong Joo Lee, 6/15/2022

Jodi Schatz was not only proactive, but also professional in every respect when handling issues. Immaculate!

- Erin Mario, 6/8/2022

Great response times, incredibly helpful with all of our questions, and friendly!

- J&J Yu & Sons LLC, 6/2/2022

Theo Montgomery is very professional and efficient!

- Terri A. Gleason, 5/31/2022

It’s always a pleasure working with Jodi Schatz! Jodi has great communication skills.

- Dusit Roongsang, 5/31/2022

Tony Strobel provides excellent service! Tony gives me freedom to be stressed free about my property.

- Margaret S., 5/26/2022

Everything went smoothly. Eric Dworkis worked with us to coordinate a move in date since the lease started before we were able to move from the Boston area.

- Megan Kenny, 5/19/2022

We have been nothing but thrilled with the level of service provided by Jonny Weinstein. Jonny is always very transparent and keeps us updated on everything that is going on with our house, tenants and any repairs.

- Jin Woo Lee, 5/16/2022

We are having great experiences with Laurie Hoskins. Laurie has good communication with us and tenant turnover is very smooth. She is always on top of things, so we have less to worry. We use a couple of managers within the states, and she is one of the best.

- Terri Butler, 5/16/2022

Eric Dworkis provides excellent service – good advice, timely with information and efficient!

- Clare Sayas, 5/16/2022

I appreciate that Jeni Wang is always prompt, communicative and straightforward.

- David Haley, 5/4/2022

Ann Ashford truly knows her job. Amazing communication!

- Richard Leary, 4/26/2022

Susie Ross was very responsive and helpful. Susie provided helpful guidance!

- Albert L Merati, 4/19/2022

Stacy Jost is super helpful and always responds quickly. She has great recommendations and takes excellent care of everything. Stacy is awesome!

- John deVadoss, 4/18/2022

Tony Strobel is a true professional. Tony always exceeds expectations on all fronts! Windermere is very fortunate to have him in their organization. Thank you, Tony!

- Gihon Financial LLC, 4/18/2022

Denny Lin did an outstanding job!

- Alistair J Leigh, 4/18/2022

Lynn Douglas rented our property very quickly and efficiently. Lynn’s service is excellent!

- Liza Li, 4/15/2022

I’m happy to work with Shannon Williamson. Shannon is a professional and knowledgeable agent.

- Kristin Nordtveit, 4/11/2022

This was a very knowledgeable team and they were very prompt and friendly. Kiffin Chu has been amazing through the process and very responsive!

- Phoebe Keleman, 4/1/2022

Jeffi Tibbetts has been great about working with the owners and I to get some alterations made before I actually move in. Highly appreciated!

- Michael Cossy, 3/20/2022

Tony Strobel is a pleasure to work with. Tony and team are always on top of things, communicating all issues as they come up and also ahead of important dates, milestones, etc, which is always appreciated.

- Laurin Chow, 3/17/2022

We are very happy with Jodi Schatz and the professional service. Jodi is excellent, she is always on top of everything from documents, maintenance and repairs, explains all details, and always is respectful and asks for my approval.

- Gihon Financial LLC, 3/16/2022

Denny Lin did a great job bringing in a good tenant and closing the transaction.

- Andree Ament, 2/23/2022

Jodi Schatz was extremely responsive, thorough and helpful. A pleasure to work with.

- Elaine Swanson, 2/2/2022

Stacy Jost is an absolute pleasure to work with. Stacy is knowledgeable, efficient, organized, people savvy and she does exactly what she tells you she will do. I can’t say enough good things about her. I always feel like she has the best outcome for me as the core of how she advises to proceed.

- Michael Hughes, 1/14/2022

Jonny Weinstein is fast, courteous and efficient. Jonny met all of our expectations. Excellent work!

- Dave Silowka 1/11/2022

Debby Walker was outstanding and extremely responsive. She was the difference maker in choosing the property.

- Theresa Folkins, 12/7/2021

It has been an excellent experience every step of the way. We emailed Jonny about a few concerns over the weekend and he responded swiftly, scheduling for maintenance people to come as soon as possible. I’ve never experienced faster assistance. Past property managers at my former residences have made me feel like a burden when I reach out with a concern, but Jonny’s response made me feel respected and well taken care of.

- Priyansh Dixit, 11/18/2021

Tony Strobel is awesome. Super fast to clarify, very responsive and articulate. It’s a pleasure to have him and his services!

- Erik Stanford, 11/16/2021

Cory Brewer is responsive, knowledgeable and proactive. The property got 3 showings within 2 hours of going on the market, 2 resulting in applications, and 1 renting at the original price – which was higher than I expected!

- Josephine Chen, 11/15/2021

Patrick Lee is dependable and capable. We can’t ask for a better property manager!

- Dan and Martha Morgan, 11/17/2021

We are enormously pleased to be working with Tony Strobel and Windermere. Highly professional, extremely responsive, and excellent property management.

- Josephine Chen 10/15/2021

Patrick Lee is trustworthy and efficient. I’m very happy with his service. He keeps me up to date without me asking.

- John deVadoss, 10/15/2021

Tony Strobel is fantastic! Tony is the consummate professional; he is extremely knowledgeable, extremely well connected, and he and his team are outstanding at what they do.

- Juan Vargas 9/15/2021

Theo Montgomery is a person of the highest integrity and impeccable honesty, well beyond the common expectations I see in the real estate business. Theo is thorough, diligent and meticulous. He always goes above and beyond and I am very pleased with his service.

- Claudette Hunt, 9/11/2021

Jonny Weinstein is personal, attentive and efficient!

- Carolyn Schott, 9/6/2021

I have to say that Keith Abernathy has been wonderful. He’s on top of issues. He’s been very proactive in communicating with me – both initially and about issues. He’s great at proposing solutions. I feel really good about having my property in capable management hands

- Ann Hoppe, 9/1/2021

Ann Ashford is excellent! Ann found a tenant for us in a matter of days.

- Hayden Evans, 9/1/2021

Candice Feldman is great! She keeps me updated on everything.

- Hodag Royal, LLC 8/31/2021

Tony Strobel’s skills prevent me from worrying.

- Stephanie Brady, 8/30/2021

Debby Walker is amazing! She took us on a virtual walk-through on a house and we felt like we were there. When we came to Washington, she answered questions immediately and helped us find a house we could afford and we’d be happy in!

- Susan Lampe, 8/24/2021

I appreciated the market analysis she generated for comparable rents in the area. Laurie Rohrich is amazing! Laurie makes my life so much easier and managed to continue to keep amazing tenants in our home in Kirkland.

- Robert Evans, Jr., 8/18/2021

5 STARS! Jodi Schatz is amazing! She has an immense knowledge of the housing market and how to market a home. She has managed to lease my home very quickly on three occasions, each time keeping me up to date on all matters through lease signing.

- Denise Connors, 8/2/2021

Gino Araki Nathan is beyond excellent, extremely proactive, and responsive with communications. Gino has been our property manager for years and makes the process effortless for us.

- Stuart Geary, 8/3/2021

Theo Montgomery performed the most thorough move in inspection I have ever seen. Theo is super friendly, knowledgeable, super-fast response time and overall, extremely helpful!

- Lena Zell, 7/27/2021

Keith Abernathy was so kind and responsive. We were so happy to get this home, and that he took the time to answer all our questions during the application process and beyond. Could not have asked for a better leasing experience.

- Rachel Dilger, 7/26/2021

Susie Ross was great, after the first house we wanted to apply for was approved for someone else, she immediately reached out and suggested another property which fit our needs even better and was the one we ended up with.

- Jamal Siddiqui, 7/22/2021

Barbara Hansen has been, and continues to be, an absolute pleasure to work with. Her communication is prompt, professional and friendly. While her job is to represent her client’s interests first (the owner), we, as the tenants, feel that she is working diligently to put our issues and concerns in equal standing with his. Every issue, without exception, has been dealt with quickly and with our family’s comfort and well-being in mind.

- Priya Maratukulam, 7/19/2021

David Drake does a great job! David checked in with us early on rent expectation and does a great market analysis.

- Rebecca Braun 7/8/2021

Tony Strobel was very prompt to respond to all questions. The walk-through was thorough and explained how everything worked.

- Stephen P FuQua, 7/1/2021

Jodi built trust with me instantly after she explained to me her marketing strategy for my property in this current market place. If there was anything that exceed my expectations, it’s the thoroughness of the Windermere process of screening and documentation. As a person myself working in the customer service industry I could really relate and appreciate the excellent experience with Jodi’s and her team.

- Merica 89 LLP, 6/30/2021

Denny Lin is a very good property manager to help me and my investment partners.

- Koichi Tsunoda, 6/30/2021

Jonny Weinstein has made my life easy and has been very transparent and communicative!

- Greg Reynolds, 6/18/2021

Kristin Stewart and Eric Dworkis provided excellent service. They were very communicative and well informed and were always prompt with any of my requests.

- Emily Anderson, 6/23/2021

We needed to move into our place on a very quick timeline and Barbara Hansen did a wonderful job getting us into our new home as quickly as possible and was very communicative throughout the entire process. We cannot thank her enough!

- Carrie Simmons, 6/23/2021

David Drake is very prompt in his communications! He was able to get us into a unit lightning fast!

- John Tessem, 6/7/2021

Jodi Schatz was very nice and easy to work with. From initial inquiry on Zillow through receiving information, showing, lease application were all handled quickly and professionally.

- Vicky Rowley, 6/7/2021

Mariana Roussanova was awesome! She went above and beyond to help me view the property when we scheduled it and was patient and accommodating with all my questions and requests during our virtual tour.

- Mary Ann Benack 5/18/2021

I really appreciate Jonny Weinstein – he has been a great resource.  Always willing to help and very responsive. I feel confident knowing that Jonny is handling my rental properties.

- Matthew Ferry 5/17/2021

Tony Strobel is always helpful and straight forward with the status of my properties.

- Mark Comstock, 5/7/2021

I would describe Robert Manangan’s service as responsive, comprehensive and exemplary.

- Nona Clifton, 5/3/2021

Ann Ashford is so knowledgeable and flexible. She knew exactly what was and wasn’t needed and worked with us to make sure it was a good fit for all involved. Ann worked so hard – she got the property listed as soon as we were ready and handled all the screening. She was able to help us with the decision process and what were the most important aspects of the repairs that were needed to get the property ready to go. Ann found a delightful resident who is thrilled to be there. We have never worked with a property manage before. This is terrific service!

- Diana Best, 5/4/2021

Ann Ashford was great communicating with the property owner and assisting us with last minute items we felt should be addressed. Ann was great!

- Megan Schmidt, 4/27/2021

Jeni Wang is amazing! We were thrilled to find this home and Jeni mad the whole process which was a bit complicated more manageable. She is a star!

- Chailynn Chin, 4/7/2021

Patrick Lee has been awesome to work with!

- Benjamin Gauthier, 4/1/21

Theo Montgomery’s service is top notch!

- Fairway Residential LLC, 4/1/2021

Ann Ashford has found great residents for my rental home on three occasions. She did a great job screening applications, notifying me of their strengths and weaknesses and helping me make a choice. The first 2 were great residents and I expect the newest one moving in will also be very satisfactory.

- Bill Forbes, 4/1/2021

David Drake is quick to respond, thorough and makes recommendations to improve our properties to increase income. David is kind, professional and a market expert. Every vendor he has sent to do repairs or additions, landscaping, cleaning have done an excellent job at a reasonable cost. We trust him completely!

- Tara Avila, 3/24/2021

Jodi Schatz has been responsive and pleasant to work with – we appreciate her prompt feedback!

- Susan Mecklenberg, 3/24/2021

I was impressed with the speed and thoroughness of Tony Strobel’s communication and how clearly everything was laid out.

- Jeremiah Robinson, 3/10/2021

Our move was unplanned and there was a lot of potential for stress due to that. Shannon Williamson was friendly and professional, and it was a breath of fresh air for us to work with a management company with transparency and willingness to lend a hand when needed. We are confident we will enjoy our stay and that any issues we encounter with the property will be addressed quickly and properly.

- Margaret Johnson, 2/26/2021

Great experience. Stacy Jost was tolerant of weather delays and changes in plans and was responsive to all my questions and concerns. She is a great communicator.

- Jennifer Crooks, 2/17/21

Shannon Williamson has been great to work with in all areas.

- Melissa Matthews, 2/27/2021

I’d like to recommend Lynn Douglas as a property manager. She’s attentive, prompt to respond and very knowledgeable about rental policies. She provided great advice to get our home ready for rental and found us renters within days. Further, she is personable and friendly and we have very much enjoyed working with her!

- Roger Lahm, 2/14/2021

Lynn Douglas is a great representative for your property management services. She reviewed my townhouse, which I had not been in to check on the condition of for several years, for I had it rented to the same people during all that time. I had no idea of the condition it was in…….nothing overwhelming but many details to attend to, before renting… she was first class with what had to be addressed, and after about $5,000 worth of work, which included re-carpeting  the whole unit which it needed. I am most satisfied with Lynn, & most happy to have found her & have her working for me.

- John Morrey, 2/5/2021

Tony Strobel was fantastic! While I would have applied regardless, having such an expert gave me a lot of comfort in signing the lease. We had a lot of interest in this property. Tony was great about keeping us informed and moving the entire process along at lightning speed.

- Randal Cobb, 12/31/2020

It was one of my best leasing experiences ever!

- Addy G., 12/19/2020

Gino Araki Nathan has been available and quickly responds to my requests. I had flooding in my kitchen and he quickly set up a crew to address the issues. Very impressed!

- Aaron Kraft, 12/3/2020

Quick results. Responsive. Very satisfied. Jeni Wang got my property leased within a week!

- Jonas Persson, 12/3/2020

Jonny Weinstein is a great communicator and took care of many odds and ends for us in advance of renting. He worked hard to negotiate the best lease arrangement for us. We’re very pleased!

- Victoria Kieburtz, 11/18/2020

Jeni Wang is prompt and efficient. She brought her A game the whole time!

- Josephine Chen, 11/18/2020

Patrick Lee is always well prepared and promptly answers all my questions.

- Teresa Heaton, 11/18/2020

I have been using Windermere/Lori Gill & Associates for about 5 years now and to be honest, a few times I have thought do I really need to keep them, couldn’t I save the money and manage my property myself? Then I quickly remember that I have had the best care! The best customer service! Incredible vetting system, I have had such great tenants! Rent is a seamless transfer. Maintenance is completely headache free for me – my PM handles everything. So in the end, I feel the value of what I receive as a customer is worth the money. I probably think about my rental property once or twice a year and that is exactly what you want! A Property Manager who takes care of everything! Thank you, Kristin Stewart and thank you Windermere/Lori Gill & Associates.

- Scott Peterson, 11/22/2020

Ann Ashford accommodated my travel itinerary and came out late to do the walk-through and deliver the keys. She was great and I can’t wait to work with her in the future!

- Mildred Ball, 10/16/2020

Laurie Rohrich goes above and beyond to help get tenants, shows concern for our property and communicates information well.

- Brea Dunn, 10/16/2020

David Drake’s communication is excellent. I am so grateful for how quick he was able to lease our property.

- Michael R Lay, 10/16/2020

Kristin Stewart and her team really do a great job of taking care of my property. It is very nice not to worry about a thing.

- Mark Renshaw, 10/15/2020

Laurie Rohrich is excellent! She is communitive, reliable and does what she says she will.

- Susan Boivin 10/2/2020

Professional, experienced, friendly, non-judgmental, efficient, informative. David Drake helped me through the rental process of my dwelling and was very informative on the process and what expected of me to ensure a smooth transaction.

- Robin Adler 10/2/2020

Gino Araki Nathan is great. We like the fact that he presents options, takes care of business and keeps us in the loop regarding developments.

- Robert Gelbard 9/30/2020

David Drake’s service is excellent in every way. He is thorough, friendly, thoughtful and does his job in an outstanding way. We were expecting impressive work, based on what we had been told, but he exceeds expectations!

- Tim Dunley 9/26/2020

Tony Strobel is professional, detail-oriented, customer focused and courteous.

- Ian Martin 9/23/2020

I had a very good experience. I would highly recommend the entire team from leasing agent to property manager.

- Wilson Ma 9/20/2020

Kelley Rose has been a stellar property manager for us and kept us abreast of our property and also successfully turned it with no vacancy.  We have been extremely pleased with her level of service and diligence and have recommended her to all of our friends!

- Jason Brown 9/4/2020

We really appreciated Tony Strobel’s work helping us get set up with our lease while we were on the road en route to Washington traveling by car across country. Everything he did was represented honestly, accurately and he worked with us to facilitate payments and credit checks.

- Peter Schaffer  8/17/2020

We have had two emergency repair and remediation situations. Tony Strobel took care of it all and kept us updated. He is a rockstar!

- Abie Castillo 8/17/2020

Keith Abernathy is very efficient with all his communication. He answers emails quickly along with my phone calls when I need to speak with him. He got the ad up immediately when we submitted the paperwork. He found a tenant quickly and got the lease written up and the walk through done so quickly! It was a great process from start to finish. Kiffin Chu is also excellent. He also responds quickly to my text and emails. He is very good at communicating with potential tenants. They are an awesome team!

- Wayne (Johnny) Johnson 8/27/2020

Kristin Stewart is amazingly communicative, very understanding of issues/timing and has a great personality that allowed us to build rapport quickly. Upon the walk through Kristin was prepared, had everything laid out including questions for me and a list of things to show me. I was thoroughly impressed. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

- Sandra Barnum 8/25/2020

Tony Strobel was extremely prompt with answering all of my questions. He was friendly and professional and made our moving process seamless. I thought everything was incredibly well done!

- David Glisczinski 8/24/2020

Laurie Hoskins gave us all the flexibility we needed with our move in date. We were able to drive three days from Wisconsin and were able to move in on our own schedule. That flexibility gave a lot of peace of mind.

- Benjamin Ferguson 8/10/2020

I live out of town and Jodi Schatz is always going way out of her way to take care of things for me that I am unable to do for myself. The service provided by Jodi is much better than I would have expected to receive from a Property Manager.

- Marge Pallis 8/10/2020

Thorough, prompt, professional. We always feel well represented and cared for when Laurie Hoskins is involved. We have recommended Laurie over and over again and will continue to do so.

- Tien Nguyen 8/14/2020

Michelle Campbell, who showed my apartment, was incredible. She was so nice, transparent, and accommodating. She went above and beyond to help with take care of a misunderstanding with my prior rental history in Denver.

- Timothy O’Brien 7/24/2020

Tony Strobel was one of the most helpful and detailed professionals I’ve ever worked with. His attention to detail and commitment is inspiring.

- Josh Heller 7/10/2020

Anne Tabert has been super available and easy to work with. It’s been a pleasure!

- Anne Marie Giampetro 7/9/2020

Tracey Adams was very responsive and helpful throughout the application and leasing process.

- Klahanie Properties LLC 6/30/20

Tony Strobel is very organized and proactive at song problems. He has been diligent, communicative and easy to work with.

- Lawrence Williams 6/30/20

Prompt, accurate, thorough, insightful. David Drake has exceeded my expectations with his responsiveness and professionalism.

- Mark Rosen 6/25/20

Theo Montgomery consistently meets and exceeds our expectations in all of his work. Notwithstanding the pandemic, he worked closely with our existing tenant to secure a lease renewal, which we are very satisfied with.

- Lian He 6/5/2020

What impressed me the most is the quality of tenants they found every time. I haven’t had any problems with my tenants for the last 10 years working with my Windermere Property Managers.

- Robert E. Evans, Jr. 6/3/2020

This is my second time working with Jodi Schatz and one word comes to mind: Amazing.

- Celeste Ackerbloom 6/3/2020

Theo Montgomery has managed our rental for 10 years and has done a great job for us. The services provided are well worth the management fees. I feel like we don’t have to worry about anything with the staff doing marketing, credit checks, legal knowledge, etc.

- Josephine Chen 5/18/2020

Patrick Lee is always one step ahead of the plan and keeps me updated all the time.

- AGGNKG LLC 5/6/2020

David Drake always exceeds our expectations with his quick handling of any issues, his good judgement and keeping us informed. He has helped us coordinate repairs, painting and new carpets, as well as advise our unit, vetted renters and managed the unit exceptionally well.

- Maureen Galbreath 5/9/2020

Ann Ashford is very quick to respond to my questions – I greatly appreciate that!

- Kent Talbott 4/17/2020

Theo Montgomery was great to work with. He drove into the office on a Saturday amidst the current pandemic to receive the deposit. Keep up the great work Theo!

- Sarah Pendergast 4/8/2020

Patrick Lee helped get me into the property a couple of days sooner than expected. With the COVID-19 issues ramping up, I was anxious to get in as soon as possible and Patrick was great and able to help.

- Julie Berry 4/8/2020

Jonny Weinstein was very flexible in handling our bank being virtual and taking a few days with our cashier’s check. He also was super aware and great at navigating the current pandemic and how that would impact our move.

- Shelley Reese 4/9/2020

I love working with Jeni Wang! Given the pressures of COVID, we wanted to expedite our move-in date and Jeni was extremely thorough and responsive to help us get into the property sooner.

- Grace and Rex Currier 3/30/20

The service provided by Gino Araki Nathan is efficient, knowledgeable and productive. Gino got our unit leased in 8 days!

- Markus Kreig 5/6/2020

David Drake is amazing compared to my previous property management company. David always communicates, takes care of issues, even sends pictures from regular check-ins with renters.

- Douglas Samuel Winslow-Nason 3/2/20

Prompt, thorough and professional. David Drake gets everything done faster than expected.

- Koefoed Property Management 1 LLC 3/2/20

Tony Strobel has been great so far. We were very happy with the price and speed which our home was leased. He is super responsive and helpful with referrals for maintenance I needed to do prior to tenant move in.

- Cory Broshious 2/27/20

Eric Dworkis was great the entire way. Couldn’t ask for anything more

- Kenneth and Geraldine Vadnais 2/14/20

Keith Abernathy goes above and beyond. Every turn he was acting in our best interest, giving solid advice, driving around town just to save us some money and connecting us with quality, affordable vendors. We’re certain this property couldn’t be in better hands. We, for the first time in years, don’t worry about our rental.

- Will Jensen and Nicola Murray 2/11/20

Gino Araki Nathan is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and quick to lean in and help us as new landlords. We felt very well taken care of and have already happily recommended to a friend.

- Julie Blake 2/10/20

The service provided by Matt Strong was very thorough. Matt has excellent communication.

- Cameron Lang 2/7/20

Denny Lin is on top of everything. He managed to rent it out at a tough time of the year and get a good lease length and term.

- Lorin and Starla Miller 2/7/20

The service provided by Candice Feldman is excellent! Candice is always patient and always on it to answer questions and obtain the best outcome. Her communications to keep us informed far exceeded our expectations. It was a ‘messy’ and convoluted process and she maneuvered through it with patience with us.

- Matthew Chan 1/16/20

Jeni Wang is great because she always takes the initiative to resolve ad hoc as well as regular issues for her managed properties. She also has very sound judgment and makes a trustworthy manager for landlords.

- Mark Murphy 1/2/20

Anne Tabert was excellent and answered all our questions, having moved to Washington very recently.

- Mike Rosen 12/16/19

Theo Montgomery is an amazing Property Manager – exceptionally thorough, patient and responsive to our questions, with exceptional attention to detail, a thorough knowledge of property laws and practices, a keen insight into potential renters and always going the extra mile to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

- Walter R Freytag 11/21/19

Laurie Hoskin’s service was excellent as always! She is terrific and I’m so glad to be able to continue working with her.

- Rachel Moore 11/15/19

Lynn Douglas is fantastic. She was so helpful during the application process and made my walk-through super easy. She also has responded promptly to any requests I’ve made since and I really appreciate that!

- Paula D Chambers 11/4/19

Anne Tabert has provided excellent service in listing my rental house and offered informed insight into the applicants and screening process. She’s always available when I reach out and supported me with great communication and professional expertise.

- Tom Nute 10/25/19

Ann Ashford does it all – problem solving, fixes and all the moments in between!

- K Barrows Enterprise LLC 9/17/19

Tracey Adams is not only a complete professional – but she brings a sense of humanity in everything she does. This may not be on the list of characteristics you would expect in a property manager, but it is the one I value the most. I feel very fortunate to have Tracey as part of my team. I have high level of trust in her actions.

- LaTheena Thomas 9/4/19

Friendly, professional, reliable and very responsive. David Drake has managed our property for over 7 years and it has always had a consistent renter with minimal to no issues. We have referred him to several friends in Seattle. There isn’t anything else that can be done to improve the excellent service we receive.

- Kevin Ridsdale 9/3/19

When a winter storm led to burst pipes in the ceiling, Lynn Douglas took charge and managed multiple vendors and the tenants to get in there, stop the damage, assess the situation, do the repairs, all pretty much without my needing to get involved. I am very happy with how this was handled.

- Jennifer Savage 8/26/19

Jenna Weinstein has always been fantastic, and the best property manager we’ve worked with over the past 15 years! Thank you!

- Elma Months 6/27/19

Jennifer Shepperd is top-notch. She was very helpful for many months before we even had a tenant. She never complained and was always courteous in helping us out.

- Gregory Ritts and Joanne Petitto 6/6/19

Denny Lin is very timely with communications and responsive to issues. We appreciate this!

- Jeremy Roe 4/16/19

Laurie Rohrich is amazing, and I have full confidence my property will be well managed. She is very attentive, follow up is amazing and the process was seamless.

- Roger Harwood 4/15/19

Jodi Schatz has been very efficient about getting vendors in to fix issues at the property and communicating with us. She responds to our emails quickly and has been a pleasure to work with. I am sure our tenants appreciate this, too.

- Melissa Macdonald 3/18/19

Keith has been terrific so far, and I also wanted to comment that the leasing agent, Kiffin Chu was fabulous as well; they both responded quickly and friendly to our emails, and made the application process easy to undergo. We are very happy.

- Anthony Mouser 2/19/19

Tony Strobel is a fantastic professional – at every stage and every step. It is a privilege to work with Tony.

- Matthew Chan 2/19/19

Excellent. Exemplary. Stellar performance! Jeni Wang handled a very difficult situation which was beginning to cause problems with my HOA as well as WDMLG. She dealt firmly with the issue while not upsetting anyone, an almost impossible task which Jeni managed so well.

- Hsinhan Wu 2/19/19

Shannon Williamson has been taking care of our WA property for over 8 years since we had to relocate for a job. She has been in great communication with us. We are glad to have her.

- Walter and Diana Freytag 2/12/19

Laurie Hoskins is very professional and lovely to work with. Laurie is always willing to help and go beyond! Her experience, demeanor and assistance were especially needed and valuable as we refurbished our rental getting it ready for a new tenant. Thanks again, Laurie!

- Gus Dounis 1/17/19

The service provided by Stacy Jost was excellent! She always keeps us abreast of what is going on with our property and mark conditions.

- Edward Hillard 7/5/18

Candice Feldman has maintained close relationships, beyond tenant or property manager with both tenants in this small property. They both trust her and know they can contact her on any questions or issues.

- Lisa Salsbery 7/3/18

I have total confidence in my property manager to look out for my interests. Laurie Rohrich has been easy to contact and to talk with and she helped me feel important and supported. Lori Gill & Associates are wonderful, professional and caring!

- Pierre Lanthiez 7/2/18

The service provided by David Drake is excellent – he got our condo in rental shape very quickly and rented within a week!

- Karl Westerback 6/28/18

Brenda Brynildsen is prompt and professional. She found renters much quicker than expected!

- Bruce & Teri Butler 6/24/18

The service provided by Kristin Stewart is fantastic! Kristin is very responsive, professional and gets things done efficiently. Her knowledge regarding how to handle tenant issues is much appreciated. I have and will continue to recommend Lori Gill & Associates for Property Management services.

- Cathy Tracey 6/19/18

Excellent, helpful and informative – Jodi Schatz explained how everything works and kept me informed along the way until my property became rented. She is very professional and I enjoy working with her.

- Daniel Brindle 6/18/18

Ann Ashford has always found good tenants and looked after the property as if it were her own. I am completely satisfied with the responsiveness from Ann and would definitely recommend Lori Gill & Associates!

- Jeff Churchill 6/4/18

Jenna Weinstein is extremely professional, providing all the necessary information to me and answering any questions promptly. She is willing to communicate via text messages and email which I very much appreciate it!

- Douglas Winslow-Nason 5/29/18

David has exceeded our expectations from the beginning. He has been as efficient, prompt and accurate as one can be in every aspect of managing our rental unit. WeÕre happy customers!

- Todd Erickson 5/21/18

Anne Tabert is very informative and professional. She does exactly what she says she will do.

- DGS Properties LLC 4/3/18

Jennifer Shepperd is the best… a total pro! She got my property rented in under two weeks!

- Barry McCaffrey 3/17/18

Jeni Wang is very responsive and professional. I was completely satisfied with the overall renewal process – it was excellent!

- John Schuitemaker 3/16/18

WeÕve been very pleased with Stacy JostÕs responsiveness and proactive communications in managing our property. We feel comfortable that she is looking after our property and that it will remain in good shape while it is being rented.

- Matthew Chan 3/16/18

Jeni Wang is very responsive to my emails and pays great attention to detail. She keeps me updated on continuing developments with my condo lease and exercises sound professional judgement in handling unexpected ad-hoc matters. She has worked tirelessly to ready my condo for leasing for the first time. I would highly recommend JeniÕs property management services to friends and family. Overall, I am very pleased with JeniÕs services Ð she has a renowned reputation in the industry and highly deserves it. It is a great blessing for an overseas landlord like myself.

- Robert Nelson 3/1/18

Toni Campbell provided excellent communication from the beginning all the way through the signing of the lease. Great marketing as I had quite a few of applications in the first day or two.

- John & Jo Chan 2/16/2018

The service provided by Shannon Williamson is personable, proactive and responsive. She worked with respective vendors to prepare our property for rent.

- Annamarie McIllece 2/2/2018

Thanks for being great team players. This can be a difficult business for all in today’s rental market. I felt issues were handled with respect and integrity.

- J&J Yu & Sons LLC 1/26/2018

I would describe Theo Montgomery as timely, very friendly and efficient! He provides valuable suggestions which exceed my expectations.

- Paula Chambers 1/24/2018

Anne was awesome! She gave me quick feedback about showings and discussions from prospective tenants. She has good intuition about prospects base on years of experience. I feel she gave me excellent advice throughout the process. Thanks Anne!

- Hilde Wilson 12/18/17

Excellent customer service, support and response! David Drake selected high quality tenants, responded promptly to my concerns and handled repair and maintenance efficiently. Thank you!

- Mike & Lisa Woods 12/4/2017

The service provided by Toni Campbell has been excellent! She arranged for a lot of work to be done before we even had a tenant.

- Liza Li 11/1/17

I would describe Shannon Williamson as very knowledgeable as a property manager. She always responds to what I needed. I would recommend Lori Gill & Associates!

- Mahlon Hazelwood 10/4/17

Jodi Schatz is excellent! She is very detail oriented and communicates in an excellent timely manner. She is very confident and competent in her profession. Jodi managed our upgrades after our tenant moved out and did an exceptional job of coordinating all the vendors to get out house ready to go on the market!

- Andrew Sheppard 10/2/17

Incredibly proactive, efficient and thoughtful. David Drake helped us deal with a very difficult situation and the outcome was better than we could have expected!

- Daniel Balma 9/26/17

Our property manager is so on top of things. Prompt, efficient and nice to work with. He makes owning property feel so easy. We are so thankful for David Drake!

- Jack Stockman 9/20/17

We found Toni Campbell to be an excellent agent – warm, friendly, knowledgeable and confident. She has kept us informed and immediately responds to phone calls.

- Michael Lay 9/20/17

Kristin Stewart is great – she always responds very quickly and answers any concerns I have!

- Ryuji Matsuzawa 9/19/17

I was recommended to David Drake and his service has been professional. The interaction with my property manager has been great!

- Jane Wootton 9/19/17

For over 5 years, my property has been managed by Candice Feldman. Candice has been excellent with responding promptly to my concerns. I was very satisfied with my monthly ownerÕs statement.

- Michael Hughes 9/18/17

Thank you, Jenna Weinstein! There is nothing else she could have done to serve us – outstanding job!! She is very professional and communication is excellent.

- Tim Franey 9/18/17

Ann Ashford is always on top of everything.

- TNT Capital Services, LLC 9/18/17

Tony Strobel managed my property for a few years and was excellent at communicating effectively when repair work was needed and made sure the property looked good when I drove by.

- Sam Watthana 9/17/17

The quality of management services provided by Toni Campbell for my property has been excellent! She has selected high quality tenants and handled repair and maintenance work efficiently.

- Hiroshi Ito 9/4/17

I am a repeat client of Tony Strobel and would describe him as very responsive while providing solutions to exceed my expectations. He represents me very well!

- Greg Reynolds 9/1/17

Kristin Stewart is excellent in all manners and has kept me well informed on all issues. Keep up the great work you do!

- Todd Hegerman 8/18/17

My property manager, Ann Ashford is great – she handles everything!

- Gail Murchison 8/16/17

I am completely satisfied with the overall lease renewal process at Lori Gill & Associates. Ann Ashford did a Market Analysis and discussed current market rents prior to the renewal.

- Catalyst Properties LLC 8/16/17

I am a repeat client of Laurie Hoskins. The service we received was excellent and there is nothing Lori Gill & Associates could have done better for us!

- Frank & Kathy Herbert 8/15/17

The service provided by David Drake is described as fast, thorough and provided us with quick responses!

- Daryl Shamitoff 8/4/17

Tony Strobel is on top of it! I am a repeat client and would refer Lori Gill & Associates services!

- Shangzhe Xuyu 7/31/2017

I was recommended to Lori Gill & Associates by a real estate broker. Jenna Weinstein’s service is very helpful and she helped me find a tenant. I liked her work!

- Carolyn Schott 7/20/17

The service received from Ann Ashford has been excellent! She’s always on top of things, has gotten more in monthly rentals that I would have asked for myself, and sometimes seems to read my mind with what decision I would make on something. Ann is always on top of things!

- Dusit Roongsang 7/19/17

There is nothing Lori Gill & Associates could have done better! Tony Strobel always updates me with current events and condition of my property.

- Julie Lenton 7/17/17

I am completely satisfied with Gino Araki’s knowledge and effectiveness in explaining the transaction process. The service we have received from Gino has been reliable!

- CH 7/16/17

As we live outside of the U.S., it’s important to have found someone we can trust. Ann Ashford is reliable, quick to respond, gives good service, and is always on top of any issue that comes up.

- Paula Azevedo Dolson 7/16/17

I would describe the service from Theo Montgomery as efficient, courteous, responsive, detail-oriented and effective. He secured qualified tenants at a higher rental rate than expected. He has always followed through to ensure every step from lease signing to move in is completed properly.

- Heather Hillinger 7/15/17

Ann Ashford is simply the best! She is always available when needed and has a very quick response time. I would recommend Lori Gill & Associates services!

- John Courtney 7/15/17

Brenda Brynildsen really helped us find tenants! I would use Lori Gill & Associates again!

- Jennifer Crooks 7/14/17

I am completely satisfied with the lease renewal process. Shannon Williamson did a Market Analysis and discussed current market rents prior to the renewal.

- Bothell RE, LLC 7/11/17

The service provided by Tony Strobel has been top drawer service! Tony and Deanna arranged for cleaning services when we were travelling which exceeded my expectations.

- Sharon Castillo 7/9/17

David Drake provided outstanding customer service throughout the leasing process. He is professional, helpful with answering questions, and kept me informed and updated throughout the process of listing the property, finding a tenant, signing the lease, and doing a walkthrough of the unit. He exceeded my expectations in every part of the process. He responds immediately to all my emails and questions. His knowledge, organization, efficiency, and responsiveness to his client is exemplary. I have had excellent tenants every time. This is my 6th time using his services. David is on top of his game with providing a flawless experience. Thank you for your services, and it doesn’t get better than David Drake!

- Norbert Makori 7/7/17

I would use Lori Gill & Associates again! Toni Campbell is prompt, understands the business and provides excellent advice.

- Brooks Simpson 7/6/17

I was recommended to Tony Strobel by a real estate broker. It’s hard to imagine what Lori Gill & Associates could have done better to serve me Ð everything was perfect! Keep up the great work!

- David Swan 7/6/17

I would describe the service from Stephanie Heimbigner as excellent! I am completely satisfied with her knowledge and effectiveness in explaining the transaction process.

- Jonathan Pelz 6/26/17

We really appreciate Cassie Walker Johnson’s knowledge and time! The service from Cassie is thorough and professional, yet personal. She recommended we send a holiday gift basket to our tenants, which was a nice personal idea!

- Alan Rosebrock 6/19/17

This was our first experience with renting through Lori Gill & Associates and the quality of management services provided for my property was excellent! I was very satisfied with the monthly owner’s statement presentation.

- Jodi Norton 6/19/17

Cassie Walker Johnson goes well beyond of what is asked. She always offers to handle everything and has suggestions too. I would recommend Lori Gill & Associates services!

- William Dion 6/19/17

Ann Ashford has certainly exceeded our expectations in terms of what we would get for rent!

- Afterglow 399, LLC 6/17/17

The service provided by Laurie Rohrich has been very professional and personally attentive – she has exceeded my expectations far above average. I really appreciate the effectiveness of your web portal.

- Anthony Agnello 6/17/17

There is nothing more to improve on with Lori Gill & Associate’s lease renewal process. Cassie Walker Johnson has always been competent and professional exceeding our expectations.

- Marilyn Edmonds 6/16/17

Toni Campbell has managed my property for more than 5 years. The quality of management services provided to my property has been excellent! The repair and maintenance work was handled efficiently, high quality tenants were selected and responding promptly to my concerns.

- 7112 LLC 6/16/17

David Drake provided us with a Market Analysis and discussed current market rents prior to the renewal process.

- Takashi Koshikawa 6/16/17

Kelley Rose notified me in a timely manner about renewing my lease. She has exceeded my expectations by giving me advice and proposals.

- Lori Adam 6/16/17

As a CPA, I’m really busy during April. Candice Feldman was willing to start the renewal process early to accommodate my schedule. I am completely satisfied with the overall lease renewal process!

- William Dion 6/14/17

Ann Ashford knows her stuff! We can focus on the rest of the craziness happening in our lives without having to worry that our duplexes are not being cared for properly.

- Jonathan Chung Kit Sze 6/1/17

Exceptional service from Tony Strobel! Very attentive to details and great communicator with always having the best interest in mind for a landlord.

- Robert Wells 6/1/17

I was recommended to Lori Gill & Associates by a real estate broker and Anne Tabert’s attention to detail and explanation of procedures went above my expectations.

- John Rindlaub 5/31/17

Jodi Schatz provides excellent service and everything has been very professional. I would recommend Lori Gill & Associates!

- William Corwin 5/31/17

I would describe the service from Cash McGuire as outstanding! He rented our unit within a few days of placing it on the rental market. Cash is always on top of issues and his customer service skills are above reproach. Keep up the good work!

- Ferhan Elvanoglu 5/31/17

Tony Strobel is always willing to take the extra step and guide me through things. He has the customer’s best interest in mind and works hard to make a solid transaction happen. Tony is my go-to person for all leasing issues. Thanks for the help!

- Kevin Dooms 5/31/17

My property manager has exceeded my expectations! Jenna Weinstein is very reliable, good at communication and keeping me up to date with the process.

- Brian Berge 5/29/17

David Drake does a great job of exceeding my expectations. He is on top of it and very professional!

- James F. Ledbetter 5/16/17

Cassie Walker Johnson is a most excellent agent. She did a Market Analysis and discussed current market rents prior to the renewal process.

- Shuk and Ping Shaw 5/16/17

I have changed my mind about the lease terms and Cash McGuire is willing to change and work to exceed my expectations. He has done a great job!

- Brandon & Melissa Bemis 5/16/17

Tony Strobel is professional and always responds to questions. He has exceeded our expectations by leasing our unit for 2 years as we prefer long term leases. I would use Lori Gill & Associates again because they have great service, are very professional, and quick at leasing up the unit!

- Scott Schafebook 5/16/17

I really like Jodi Schatz and she has been doing a great job managing my property. Although my schedule doesn’t allow me to be accessible at all times, Jodi has been very attentive!

- Sid Stewart 5/16/17

We live in Florida and we have total faith in Ann Ashford to take care of our property. She has gone above and beyond to exceed our expectations!

- Cheng-Chang Lin 5/15/17

Anne Tabert is top of the class! She notified us in a timely manner about the renewal process.

- Susan Lampe 5/15/17

I am just very grateful to have Laurie Rohrich as our property manager – she is amazing and very easy to work with! Laurie is a great communicator. We had an issue with the tenant changing her mind about the lease renewal and Laurie let us know about the issue in a timely manner.

- Sara Ann Chandler 5/15/17

Shannon Williamson has helped us with visiting our property for a complete Periodic Inspection prior to the renewal process.

- Robert & Stephanie Richling 5/15/17

The service received from Cassie Walker Johnson has been excellent! She has prompt responses to our questions and even got our house rented without even needing to put it on the market!!!

- Silva Trust 5/15/17

Tracey Adams did a very good job representing us and advising us along the way. She has communicated better than other property managers I utilized in other locations. Thank you for your professionalism and responsiveness!

- 5/7/17 Robert Hayes

I was recommended to David Drake at Lori Gill & Associates by my real estate broker to manage my property and the service has been great!

- 5/4/17 Sally Mashhudi

Tracey Adams and her team are very knowledgeable and I would recommend Lori Gill & Associates for all property management services!

- 5/3/17 Andrew Sheppard

The service we have received from David Drake has been exceptional! He helped us secure a 3-year deal – huge win!

- 5/3/17 Edward Hillard

So far, Lori Gill & Associates has been one of the best property management experiences we have had. Candice Feldman is personal, intelligent, and business-like. During an emergency flood, which took out rental off the market, Candice exceeded our already high expectation of her in the way she worked with us to deal with repairs and recovery, including environmental restorative work, as well as with assisting the displaced tenant.

- 4/24/17 Tanarin Adams

Your transition to the new financial and document management system has been a great benefit. Also, being aware that you have bigger clients, I am pleased that you have been there when I only have one unit with your team. I am looking to expand my portfolio and I will be expanding with Lori Gill & Associates and Stephanie as a partner.

- 4/18/17 Douglas Winslow-Nason

David has exceeded my expectations from the beginning. He is very responsive and gets things done quickly. The lease renewal process at Lori Gill & Associates works great!

- 4/15/17 Brent Martin

Shannon has been very helpful, attentive, and accommodating. She worked well with our time frame and helped find contractors before we even signed on.

- 4/15/17 Dianne Mahoney

I was very satisfied with the overall renewal process at Lori Gill & Associates. Upon the renewal process, Jennifer Shepperd provided a Market Analysis and discussed current market rents.

- 4/14/17 Christopher Olsen

I have complete trust and faith in Cassie! The service I have received from Lori Gill & Associates canÕt get much better!

- 4/10/17 Irvin Wong

The service from Rob has been very professional and I would recommend Lori Gill & Associates!

- 4/2/17 Magnolia Victory Associates LLC

I have been working with Cassie Walker Johnson for ten years and she is just terrific! She is professional, rapid, and frank.

- 3/31/17 John Hogle

Eric makes the lease renewal process painless – we are completely satisfied with the lease renewal process!

- 3/31/17 Penny Chencharick

Jenna always exceeds expectations!! Her attention to detail, timely response and genuine concern in handling ANY ISSUES that arise is greatly appreciated and is precisely why I continue to trust Lori Gill & Associates in managing my investment. I could not be happier with the overall process!!

- 3/29/17 Liam Kelly

I have been 100% satisfied with the level of professionalism from everyone at Windermere. Tony and Erin have been phenomenal and have done a terrific job of taking great care of our property and our tenants. Tony noticed that the furnace in the house was put in wrong and took the initiative to call the company that installed it 8 years ago. He was able to have them reposition and repair the parts for free (Around $2,500 of value). A clear example of going above and beyond!

- Theodore Biery 3/27/17

Anne Tabert has provided excellent quality of management services with responding promptly to my concerns. I would certainly refer Lori Gill & Associate for property management services!

- Michael Kramer 3/27/17

Lori Gill & Associates has managed my property for more than 5 years and they have done excellent work in selecting high quality tenants, communicating effectively, and repair & maintenance work has been handled efficiently.

- 3/24/17 Brian Keogh

We appreciate the work that Laurie Rohrich was able to take care of prior to the renewal process. Not only was she able to complete a periodic inspection of the property, but she also was able to fix the garage door.

- 3/18/17 Gabesson One LLC

The service from David Drake is professional, courteous, and fast. I was favorably impressed by David’s flexibility and adaptability to a continuously changing environment providing guidance to correctly position the property in a competitive rental market. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others seeking a property manager.

- 3/17/17 Edmond Lau

As the lease renewal was approaching, Cory was able to negotiate with the tenant which is more than we ever expected.

- 3/17/17 Norman Lau

I was very pleased with the time Kristin put into the renewal process from visiting the property to do a complete periodic inspection to discussing current market rents.

- 3/17/17 Clarence Thompson

Theo is always well informed and there to answer my questions. I am very happy with the way he handled the lease renewal process!

- 3/17/17 Carla Hudson

Jenna and Cash always do their best to save me time and headaches. I would recommend Lori Gill & Associates for all property management needs!

- 3/17/17 Raeder Smith

I was referred to Lori Gill & Associates by Avenue Properties. My property manager Patrick Lee is knowledgeable in the transaction process and his communication with us has been great!

- 3/16/17 Robert Stoszek

Lori Gill & Associates exceeded my expectations with great communication from my property manager, Anne Tabert.

- 3/16/17 Charles Cooley

Cassie’s performance goes above and beyond and we feel that we are in great hands with her. She made the process easier by providing us with a Market Analysis to discuss prior to the renewal

- 3/16/17 Ronald R. Ward

Patrick Lee is knowledgeable, professional and professionally courteous; he exceeds my expectations by taking photographs of the property during the walk-through.

- 3/16/17 Teresa Heaton

I was recommended to Lori Gill & Associates by family friend and I have been completely satisfied with my property manager Eric. He is thorough, prompt, efficient, professional, friendly and always keeps me informed.

- 3/16/17 PSQ Portfolio LP

The service I received from Gino was Excellent. He is very responsive and he not only handle leasing, but also property management.

- Monique C. 2/23/17

It was so refreshing to have a prompt response from a leasing agent. I wanted to pass on the great service Carrie Williams provided to us. Many inquires donÕt get answered and Carrie had such wonderful follow through.Ê There are tons of agents out there but not many that really want to be responsive to their clients like Carrie was.Ê I canÕt tell you how much her receptiveness was appreciated!

- 2/7/17 Trae & Amy Andersen

Brenda is thorough, knowledgeable and professional! I am completely satisfied with her responsiveness and knowledge with the transaction process.

- 1/30/17 2209 E. Thomas LLC

I would describe David Drake as Thorough. On point. One step ahead. He got me more rent than I was anticipating, took care of a flooding issue on Thanksgiving and his correspondence is perfect.

- 1/28/17 Norbert Makori

I am a repeat client of Windermere Property Management/Lori Gill & Associates and the services provided by Stacie Jonson have been Excellent. She has exceeded my expectations by keeping me updated on my property.

- 1/27/17 Afterglow 399, LLC

Laurie Rohrich goes above and beyond she anticipates the consequences of situation and takes action in advance to deal with the issue. We rarely have to call and ask her to do anything. I am completely satisfied with the overall service I have received from her!

- 1/26/17 Carla Hudson

Cash McGuire is Excellent he is very transparent in all interactions.

- 1/26/17 Tim Franey

Ann Ashford discussed the current market rents prior to renewal and completed a market analysis. I am completely satisfied with the overall lease renewal process she even completed a periodic inspection prior to the renewal. Ann is always on top of everything!

- 1/26/17 Evergold Investments Pte Ltd

Tony Strobe was excellent at selecting high quality tenants, responding promptly to my concerns and communicating effectively when repair work is needed.

- 1/26/17 Barry McCaffrey

I have been with Windermere Property Management/Lori Gil & Associates for more than 5 years. Cassie Walker Johnson made sure my property looked good when I drove by, handled repair and maintenance work efficiently and communicated effectively. I was very satisfied with the overall quality of management services provided!

- Vincent Savignano 1/25/17

thanks and appreciation for the work that Carrie Williams did for us during our house hunting. A few words to just describe Carrie would be professional, courteous, timely, kind, authentic, and overall just a caring individual. She answered all of our calls and e-mails so quick, and was able to provide us with so many options, it made this process a lot easier than we could imagine. Carrie deserves the proper recognition for her efforts, and we truly appreciate everything she has done for our family. Thank you!

- Betsy Davis 11/17/2016

Candice Feldman was professional and personable; she took more time for explanation of things than I anticipated. Very helpful!

- Tim Darst 11/15/2016

I am a repeat client of Windermere Property Management; I am completely satisfied with the overall services that I have received from Lori Gill.

- Afterglow 399, LLC 10/27/2016

I am completely satisfied with Laure Rohrich, not only did she discuss current market rents prior to the renewal she negotiated with the condominium developer to repair defective materials.

- Albert L Merati 10/27/2016

Stacy Jost is excellent, with good information and clear communication.

- Mukund M 10/20/2016

Tony Strobel was our agent. We listed our property with him based on a recommendation and I would highly recommend him. He is a through professional, kept us informed throughout the process and had good experiences to back his advice. I’d use him again and would endorse him.

- Rachelle A 10/17/2016

Back in 2013 my family needed to relocate and we made the decision to rent our home. After extensive research I decided to give Lori Gill & Associates a call. That evening I spent over 30 minutes speaking with Property Manager, Laurie Rohrich at the end of the conversation I knew without a doubt I would use this company. Now here we are 3 years later and what a wonderful experience this has been. Laurie is very much a professional who is very meticulous and extremely dedicated. She kept us up to date and was always available to address any questions or concerns that we had. One evening I reached out to Laure and it turned out she was on a family vacation and she took her personal time to speak with me. I would highly recommend this property management company and Laurie in particular. The level of service and the amount of individual attention my family received was impeccable. Should we ever need their services in the future, I would not hesitate for one moment to give them a call and yes I would recommend them again and again.

- Christopher Olsen 10/17/2016

The service I received from Cassie was Excellent as usual she did everything to perfection.

- Rick Donnelly 10/14/2016

Ann Ashford has been completely satisfactory; she exceeded our expectation by trying to meet with our prospective tenants over a holiday weekend. I would refer Windermere Property Management to my friends and family.

- Susan Lampe 10/13/2016

Laurie Rohrich contacted me very early in the process and we discussed our options. She was very proactive in working with us and the tenants to renew the lease. We are so fortunate to have Laurie as our property manager!

- Kenneth Lousberg 9/11/2016

Stephanie always exceeds my expectations. She is incredible. We have other properties in different markets, I wish that they had the same professional approach Stephanie always does.

- Dorothea Bourque Trust 8/17/16

I am a repeat client of Windermere Property Management and I have been completely satisfied with the overall service that I have received from Ann Ashford. She is Fabulous. I will be a repeat customer for life with Ann. She handles two of my properties, and has been fabulous. Always responds so quickly to any questions or issues. Resolves problems easily and efficiently. Has a deep bench of contractors that are very cost-effective and responsive to deal with repairs and improvements. Very easy to work with, much appreciated.

- Dusit Roongsang 8/17/16

I was recommended to WPMLGA by my former condo manager and I have been completely satisfied with the overall service that I have received from my Windermere Property Manager. I would describe Tony Strobel as excellent and professional, he is very informative with the process and offers great advice.

- Terra Scott 8/16/16

Ann Ashford is absolutely amazing! She anticipated my needs and is extremely timely with her communication. I would highly recommend her!

- Karen Helms 8/16/16

I have been completely satisfied with my overall interactions with the staff at WPMLGA and Stephanie. I couldnÕt ask for better service she has exceeded my expectations too many times to mention!

- LaTheena Thomas 8/13/16

The service I have received from David has been Excellent – our unit has never been empty and we love that we receive pictures of the property every six months with updates on required repairs. David typically responds to our questions within 24 hours and is very professional. He recently rented our unit for 2 years which is a great cost saver for us.

- Peter & Ilene Schaffer 8/13/16

“Gold Standard”. Tony and team are outstanding. They exceed expectations, we had a small flood in the home. Tony and a contractor were at our home early the next day. Keep up the great work. Tony and team are THE BEST!

- Tim Verdonk 8/13/16

I am a repeat client of Windermere Property Management. I am completely satisfied with the overall service I have received from Tony Strobel. He is very prompt to respond to email, phone calls, etc. and follow up on any open actions.

- Maude Posey 8/12/16

Toni continually sets a high level of service, in that respect she exceeds our expectations. She has notified me in a timely manner in regards to renewing our lease, completed a market analysis and completed a periodic inspection prior to renewal.

- Kailyn and Neyko 8/8/2016

Jodi Shatz really made us feel that she cared about finding us the perfect place for our dynamic. She paid attention to us and was very communicative. She traveled three different locations with us to find a good fit and she was right about which one was best for us! I am 8 months pregnant and have a 4 year old boy and it’s a big decision to find a home. She really made a difference! Thanks again!

- Robert R. 7/25/16

David Drake is very attentive and on top of things he was able to quickly rent my property; I would use Windermere Property Management/Lori Gill and Associates again.

- Allyson F. 7/23/16

I would rate the overall quality of management services provided for my property as EXCELLENT! They communicated effectively and did a good job on selecting high quality tenants; I was very satisfied with the management of my property.

- Andrew S. 7/22/16

David Drake is always exceptional and on this assignment he did a great job securing a renewal in the high end of our target range. We’re thankful to have him as a partner!

- Takashi K. 7/22/16

Kelley Rose notified me in a timely manner, completed a periodic inspection, conducted a market analysis, and discussed current market rents prior to the renewal process.

- Lisa N. 7/22/16

Kelley Rose completed a market analysis and discussed current market rents prior to the renewal; I was completely satisfied with the overall lease renewal process.

- Jamie A. 7/22/16

I was recommended by a real estate broker to Windermere Property Management and found Stacy Jost to be knowledgeable and effective in explaining the transaction process. She completely exceeded my expectations when she was able to find a good renter for the price that I asked for my property.

- Melissa D. 7/22/16

I was recommended to David Drake to manage my property and I am completely satisfied with the overall service that I received from him. He was responsive and effective in explaining the transaction process.

- Xavier S. 7/22/16

I was completely satisfied with the overall lease renewal process and Laurie Rohrich’s timely responsiveness to emails.

- Chelsea W. 7/8/16

Windermere Property Management/Lori Gill & Associates managed my property for more than 5 years prior to us selling it. They did an excellent job in adjusting rents to market rate and responding promptly to my concerns; IÕm very likely to use their management services in the future.

- Ronald E. 7/8/16

I was very satisfied with the monthly owner statements presentation and processes that were implemented while managing my property.

- James C. 7/8/16

I am certain that I will use Windermere Property Management/Lori Gill & Associates in the future! They were excellent in communicating effectively when repair work was needed and responding promptly to my concerns.

- Paulette M. 7/7/16

I was very satisfied that I received monthly owner statement presentations and the quality of management services provided for my property.

- Troy M. 7/7/16

WPM/LGA were EXCELLENT in responding promptly to my concerns, adjusting rents to market rate & renewing leases, communicating effectively and making sure my property looked good. I was very satisfied with the processes that were implemented during their time managing my property.

- Jason A. 7/7/16

I will be moving back in to my home so I have chosen to end my relationship with Windermere Property Management/Lori Gill & Associates. They provided excellent selection of tenants and communicated effectively when repair work was needed.

- Scott S. 7/7/16

Windermere Property Management/Lori Gill & Associates managed my property over 3 years. The repairs and maintenance work was handled efficiently, they selected high quality tenants and did an excellent job on making sure my property looked good when I drove by. If I didn’t sell my property I would continue using their management services.

- Debra R. 7/2/16

The first thing that struck us about Jennifer was that she took the caring and concern that we have for our home as an asset rather than a detriment. She could see how we felt about our property and wanted to work with us to preserve that same caring and concern with her services. Jennifer is also well connected in the service industry. Her referrals were extremely responsive and professional in the short window of time that we had to prepare our home for the rental market. They obviously have a high regard for Jennifer and her expectations of the quality of service they provide to her/clients. We know that we have an active partner managing our property. Her “get it done” friendly, determined ethic and personality is rare and we are so glad that we found her!

- Jason C. 6/30/16

I am a repeat client with Windermere Property Management/Lori Gill & Associates; I am completely satisfied with the overall service that I have received from Kelley Rose as well as the Office staff. I will be using their services again and recommend Windermere Property Management.

- Dale & Patricia W. 6/27/16

Tony Strobel and the office staff were great! We are completely satisfied with Tony’s knowledge, responsiveness and explanation of the transaction process. We bought a house that was just built requiring the builder to make some minor repairs to make the house look new. Tony exceeded our expectations and helped us get it completed.

- Ann G. 6./4/16

Jenna Weinstein was Excellent! She was always clear, reassuring and very detailed with her knowledge and effectiveness in explaining the transaction process. I would recommend Windermere Property Management/Lori Gill & Associates to my friends and family.

- Robert B. 10/6/2015

The services I’ve received from Eric Dworkis are of high quality and with my best interests in mind. He always responds to e-mails and phone calls in a timely manner.

- Terra S. 10/2/2015

Ann Ashford is extremely proactive and follows up as necessary. I am 3,200 miles away and she does a fantastic job of keeping me informed. Professional, prompt, anticipates my needs – Ann Ashford is amazing!

- Rick W. 10/2/2015

Cory Brewer exceeded my expectations with prompt attention to needed repairs, tenant complaints and concerns, and advises me immediately when professional services are needed. I so appreciate his communication skills

- Hayden E. 9/30/2015

Candice Feldman is fast, courteous, and professional. She keeps me in the loop about what is happening with my property and provides prompt responses and e-mails.

- Hanna W. 9/29/2015

David Drake is thorough and prompt.

- Leslie L. 9/29/2015

Brenda Brynildson was informed and professional every step of the way. I have always rented my properties myself. But, I will not do that again. I will call Brenda.

- Pawana T. 9/1/2015

Jennifer Shepperd keeps my tenant and neighbor happy.

- Barry M. 8/29/2015

Cassie Walker Johnson is professional, very intelligent, and responsive.

- Tim V. 8/29/2015

Tony Strobel was excellent. I will be contacting him again should we need to rent to new tenants in the future. He handled everything professionally.

- Gregory O. 8/28/2015

Tony Strobel provides great communication, always friendly. We were informed about everything in a timely manner.

- Walter I. 8/28/2015

David Drake exceeded expectations. I love the online portal with all of my history of rental transactions.

- Eric D. 8/20/2015

Stephanie Heimbigner keeps me informed and solves a lot of issues behind the scenes. Given how much can go wrong with a rental, Stephanie makes sure nothing goes wrong. It’s been remarkably smooth.

- Julie B. 8/19/2015

Tony Strobel and Erin Strobel were first class. Always prepared, armed with good data, and able to sift through applicants to recommend the best. They recommended and helped coordinate a painter and cleaner in short order to get my rental property turned as quickly as possible.

- Jodi N. 8/19/2015

Cassie Walker Johnson exceeded my expectations with her excellent communication!

- Robert D. 8/19/2015

David Drake took over and everything was set from beginning to end.

- Janis N. 8/19/2015

Cassie Walker Johnson is highly professional, competent, and knowledgeable. She gets things done without procrastinating and has a library of contractors to which she will refer.

- Olen H. 8/19/2015

Kristin Stewart is great. She made me feel more comfortable with the process. Made it easy and hassle-free.

- Washington Seabird Properties, LLC 8/18/2015

Stacy Jost was excellent. She always answered my questions completely and thoroughly. I was kept abreast of the status of my condo showing and prospective tenant responses.

- Charles C. 8/18/2015

Elizabeth Roberts precisely understands and knows our needs. She’s right on the dot where the market stands.

- Jourieh H. 7/23/2015

Ann Ashford is thorough, prompt, and professional.

- Cooper M. 7/15/2015

Elizabeth Roberts worked our most recent move out into her schedule even though she was traveling that day. She is very professional, very helpful, and critical to our business.

- Jocelyn U. 7/12/2015

I receive timely communications regarding my rental property. I feel confident with Elizabeth Robert’s research on pricing and choosing tenants.

- Brian B. 7/10/2015

David Drake’s service has been very good. He is a hard worker – very responsive and a straight talker. Good communicator. He is assertive and proactive and was very helpful with a tree cleanup that recently occurred. He really does handle the management and recommend maintenance to address. He seems to handle the renters and their issues well. He provides advice on procedures, rental rules, pricing, etc

- Sergio K. 7/8/2015

Laurie Hoskins and team are excellent and exceeded my expectations with their patience, coaching, and they even cleaned up the windows in my condo prior to the photos. I couldn’t be happier.

- Jing Y. 7/7/2015

I worked with both Anne Tabert and Eric Dworkis and they are both great! Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and get things done fast. I’m very happy with my tenants.

- Melissa G. 7/7/2015

Great service. Very reliable with communication. Shannon Williamson responds quickly to e-mails and has gotten renters ASAP. She’s been great; a massive improvement compared to my last agent with a different company. She is very knowledgeable and sat down with me and explained how the leasing/renting process works. I was very pleased with her professionalism.

- Denise C. 7/7/2015

Cassie Walker Johnson is top notch, calming, solution-oriented, competent and professional. She reassured me when I was stressed with home repairs and hired a handy-man for me.

- Sky H. 7/7/2015

Eric Dworkis is very responsive and timely. He took care of all aspects of transitioning tenants. It was seamless to me. This is what I was looking for in a property manager.

- Andrew S. 7/7/2015

Exceptional. David Drake and team are always on top of things and a real pleasure to work with. David is excellent on pricing and incredibly quick to close.

- Dawn S. 7/6/2015

Ann Ashford is excellent and got me the price I wanted very quickly.

- Henry B. 7/6/2015

Theo Montgomery is professional, thorough, and friendly. He checks on things more than we thought! He made time to connect with us in very busy times!

- Jason C. 7/6/2015

Kelley Rose is amazing. I don’t have to do anything. She keeps us informed and up-to-date on our rental property. I trust her completely with what she recommends.

- Paul G. 5/28/2015

I wish to express the satisfaction and peace of mind that your agent Toni Campbell has provided me and my family with her dedicated service. She communicates effectively and in a timely manner, which I personally appreciate. Ensuring that she knows what it is that we want done and then getting it done make us feel good about not being “around” to take care of our house.

- Rae & Jim 11/30/2014

The service we received from Laurie Rohrich was awesome! It could not have been better.

- Allyson F. 11/30/2014

Tony Strobel has been very proactive in getting all the issues with my rental property resolved so that it rented within days of being listed. His response time to email/voicemail has been excellent and he has been very thorough answering questions and concerns.

- Stanley K. 11/26/2014

Cassie Walker Johnson was fabulous with her follow-up and she did everything she said she would do. My expectations were exceeded.

- D. Welnin 11/5/2014

Eric Dworkis took the time to explain everything. He has always responded promptly to my calls and concerns.

- B. Dion 10/30/2014

Ann Ashford is wonderful. She is thorough and very prompt with all of her correspondence and action items.

- Susan L. 7/30/2014

Laurie Rohrich is great! Very responsive on the phone and email and very easy to work with. I am very happy with her customer service.

- via Zillow 5/20/2014

Cassie Walker Johnson is on the ball! She has been managing our property for over 4 years and we rest at ease on the other side of the planet with Cassie taking care of our property. We have recommended her to others in the area and they will state the same – Cassie is flexible, professional, and an expert in her field.

- C. Lewis 4/15/2014

I have been especially pleased with the process in place when seeking new renters. We live out of state and it’s good to know that our property and financial interests are well cared for by Windermere and our agents. Ann Ashford is always very responsive and communicates well with us. Thank you!

- Grant M. 12/6/2013

Kelley Rose was exceptional. She was on top of her game, very knowledgeable, responsive, and just handled everything on point for us. She was very proactive on the whole process, and even informed us often on status of other rentals in the area so we could gain an understanding of what to expect and how to make a decision.

- Roy 11/20/2013

Tony Strobel is first class, very prompt, and goes out of his way to assist.

- Casey P. 11/4/2013

David Drake is awesome. I will continue to use him in the future and refer him to family, friends, and clients. Great communication. He was thorough and timely.