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Annie Kistner

Property Manager | Bellevue
Direct: (425) 598-2795 Office: (425) 455-5515 Fax:(425) 242-5226 akistner@windermere.com
Annie Kistner

I am an experienced and dedicated professional, specializing in residential property management, investment property ownership, and home renovation. I pride myself on building and maintaining great relationships based on honesty and integrity. I value timely, open and honest communication and believe in fostering positive connections with owners, tenants, and vendors alike. I strive to be approachable, professional, and dedicated to delivering outstanding service. Real estate is not just my profession but a lifelong passion.

As a property manager I understand the importance of adherence to landlord-tenant laws, risk mitigation, and tactical management of property assets. I have exceptional skills in overseeing and maximizing the value of investment properties by paying attention to the details and taking a proactive approach with my owners, tenants and vendors.

In addition to property management expertise, I am also an investment property owner. I have successfully built and managed my own portfolio of properties, allowing me to empathize with the needs and concerns of other property owners. My firsthand experience gives me unique insights into the challenges and opportunities of real estate investments, enabling me to provide valuable advice and guidance to my clients.
My passion for real estate extends beyond property management and ownership. Having owned and operated a small family construction firm, I have successfully acquired, renovated, and sold many properties in the Greater Seattle area. From small-scale updates to extensive remodels, I have comprehensive knowledge of design principles, construction management, and cost-effective renovation techniques. My ability to enhance the value and appeal of properties through strategic renovations and professional maintenance has not only benefited my own investments but has also given me a unique perspective towards managing properties to their greatest potential.

I am a California native and have lived in Washington since 2008. In my free time, I enjoy entertaining, spending time with family and friends, playing tennis and hanging out with my dog Stella.

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