Seattle Rentals: What Do Apartment Renters Want?

Seattle rentals

What makes a Seattle apartment rental attractive? When you have an apartment or condo to rent, you need to provide for the needs of the tenant for this property-type. Make sure that you have an excellent relationship and retention rate by catering to the specific needs of these apartment tenants.

Making the Most of Your Apartment Spaces 

Seattle rentalsAccording to Sensory Six, “In apartments, space and storage are the most important things people look for.” Space is at a premium in apartments, yet the small space is also something that your tenants likely enjoy. Those who choose to rent apartments due to downsizing or lifestyle requirements may enjoy having fewer spaces to maintain. However, they also have a need for storage for things like seasonal decorations, children’s items, or sports equipment. Tenants value flexible small spaces that are inspired by the tiny house movement.

Add Big Living to Small Apartments 

Tenants also enjoy having access to flexible spaces. For example, tenants who love to garden but can’t afford a home with a yard may enjoy a community garden. Tenants with children enjoy having spaces where the children can go outside and play. Those who have relatives that like to visit will value a space where those relatives can stay. Providing some of the amenities of a larger home can help your tenants enjoy their apartment experience.

Bring Entertainment Home

Depending on where your apartment is located, there may or may not be easy access to entertainment in the local area. You can bring entertainment home by adding features such as a movie room or a fitness center to your apartment complex. Your tenants will appreciate the savings.

Upscale Your Technology 

Today, you can check your home from afar to see how it’s doing or change the heat and lights. However, the average homeowner or apartment tenant will find it challenging to find the money to install many of the newest technologies in their home. According to Apartment Search, “Some apartment communities are including Alexa as part of their offerings and others allow smartphones to control lights, A/C systems, and even front door entry.” Including these in apartment amenities makes your apartment stand out.

Set a Tone 

Make sure that your apartment does not feel generic. The complex should have an overall feeling of personality. This begins with elements such as exterior landscaping and extends inside to lighting, walls, and flooring. Your apartment building doesn’t need to be extremely unique, but it should feel cohesive instead of feeling boring.

Focus on the Details 

Your tenants want to be proud of where they live. A well-maintained apartment is extremely valuable to them. Be proactive about repairs and maintenance, and let your tenants know that they can come to you with requests. If you are not able to maintain your apartment, work with a property management company to manage repairs and maintenance for your Seattle rentals so that you get repairs done before they become a problem.

At Lori Gill and Associates, we’re dedicated to helping you find the best tenants and create the best possible Seattle rentals. Are you curious about how a property management company can help you? Contact us today.

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