4 Things to Know About Renting Using a Rental Property Management Company

When you’re a tenant, you may enter into a new landlord-tenant relationship with trepidation. Perhaps you’ve had wonderful landlords in the past, or you’ve experienced chronically late repairs and rules that change constantly. Every landlord is different. Working with a rental property management company is different too – in a good way. Property management companies can give you the consistency you crave in a landlord-tenant relationship.

1. They Have Experience

Your property manager has experience. Many landlords rent out a suite or two, and they’re relatively new to the management business. They’re doing this job for extra cash, and they may not know how to fix a leak or deal with difficult neighbors. When you work with a property management company, you know that they’ll have a pool of resource people to draw upon if your home needs repairs, and you know that they’ll have systems in place to coordinate the accounting.

2. The Rules Are Clear

When you work with a management company, the rules of the property are clear. You know that you’re protected by those rules and that you need to follow the rules as well. The rules will be clearly stated in your tenant information package. In fact, you will likely have access to a tenant portal that keeps you informed and updated on everything from rules and rental fees to scheduled maintenance and routine processes.

3. They Follow Through

Professional rental property management companies follow through. They have a streamlined process for every scenario that occurs frequently. If your plumbing springs a leak, you know that when you call the management company, they’ll have a process for contacting a plumber to come out and deal with the emergency.

4. They’re Professional

When you work with a rental property management company, you know that you’ll always receive professional service. Landlords can get overwhelmed, particularly if they don’t have a lot of experience in the field or if they have too many properties to handle realistically. This can make your landlord less willing to respond promptly to your requests. A property management company makes its living renting homes to tenants. The management company staff knows that they must maintain a professional level of service and a courteous demeanor no matter how difficult it is to navigate your problems.

Would you like to experience the professionalism and experience of your local property management company? At Lori Gill and Associates, we pride ourselves at being experts in the Seattle property market. We want to make your tenant experience the best one ever: contact us today.

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