A pool or a short walk to the library: what do your tenants expect in a property? Different property amenities have their season, and what was important several years ago or to one generation isn’t necessarily important to the next. What do tenants expect, and what do they consider to be a wonderful bonus?

Property amenitiesBuilding in a Community

With more and more seniors retiring to small apartments and families moving into the city, those who are seeking rentals are not just looking for a place to sleep, they want a community with the all of the trimmings. The ideal community for seniors and young families alike incorporates low-maintenance residences in a walkable area that has many different transportation options, including biking and public transit. It’s close to schools, libraries, recreation facilities, the arts, and cafes so that everyone can socialize with their neighbors.

Emphasize Convenience

Busy families and working couples need the conveniences of a single family home without the annoyance of looking after one. If you have a concierge or a room where tenants can pick up their packages, they’ll be spared the trip to pick them up elsewhere. Whether tenants work from home or they simply use the internet for pleasure, they want strong internet connectivity. In addition, tenants want the convenience of an online portal that makes it easy to pay rent and other fees as well as a simple way to log maintenance requests. They also enjoy having room for guests: a guest suite allows your tenants to invite people in from out of town without having to arrange for a hotel stay.

Focusing on Fitness

Many multi-family properties contain a pool and a fitness room, so these are considered the basic standard in the world of amenities. How do you move beyond the basics? Consider adding fitness classes to your fitness room to attract tenants. Emphasize outdoor recreation as well: rooftop decks are popular for socializing or recreation, and nearby walking trails combine the best of small-scale living and access to the outdoors.

Appealing to Millennial Tenants

Many Millennials have grown up in the suburbs, and they’re looking for amenities that remind them of home, without the significant price tag. In addition to access to outdoor spaces, they value multi-functional indoor spaces such as a co-working space or lounge, where they can get out of the apartment, even if they’re telecommuting. They are also looking for places to store their bikes, since they’re less likely than past generations to own a car.

They see their home as a place to meet others and socialize as well. Screening rooms or home theaters that are available to book are popular places to watch a game or a movie. They also enjoy classes that are offered in the building, such as cooking classes. Since Millennials may grow their families in these dense urban spaces, they’re looking for amenities that appeal to children, such as play rooms. They also need a space for their dog to play on cold winter days: dog runs are an exceptional Millennial-oriented upgrade.

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