Summer Tips & Tricks


Happy Summer! We wanted to share a few tips on how to help your yard and plants stay alive and healthy in the warmer months of the year.


For Sprinkler Systems:

  • Let your Property Manager know if your system is not running properly.


For Lawns:

  • Water daily (unless it is raining) one time for approximately 10 minutes in the morning before 7am.
  • If you have newly planted shrubs, trees, or lawns (planted within the last year), water at least 3 times per week until their root systems are established.
  • Water each plant individually and give them enough water so the root ball gets thoroughly wet. The root ball is generally the same size underground as the foliage above ground.
  • Water the roots, don’t just wet down the leaves
  • A hose with a shower nozzle works well for this task.

We hope you have a wonderful summer enjoying the sunshine!

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