imageThatís a big selling point as the cityís talent-starved tech companies compete with Silicon Valley and New York for workers.

Seattle is the least expensive of all the nationís top high-tech markets. Hereís how the buying power of Seattleís top tech salaries compares to Silicon Valley, New York, San Francisco and Boston.

The Seattle areaís lower cost of living means tech recruiters here can offer the same quality of life for less when they hire from other high-tech markets. Thatís a huge advantage in a region that struggles to train enough workers to sustain its growing tech industry.

One tech worker took a $35,000 pay cut when she moved from Silicon Valley because she said her money would be worth more in Seattle. An entrepreneur moved more than 800 miles from the San Francisco Bay area because he said itís cheaper to start a business in this city.

For every dollar tech workers earn in Seattle, theyíd have to bring in $1.14 for the same buying power in Silicon Valley or New York. San Francisco isnít far behind at $1.13. In Boston, tech workers have to earn $1.04 for the same quality of life $1 buys in Seattle.

Thatís according to a Puget Sound Business Journal analysis of data from U.S. Department of Economic Analysis, which tracks price disparities between major cities.

By Cody Fuller on 3/01/2016

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