Have Retail Space for Lease? 5 Helpful Advertising Tips for Seattle Rentals

Seattle rentals

You have commercial property to rent. How do you go about finding the right tenants in a timely manner? Finding new tenants for your retail space in Seattle doesn’t need to be intimidating, but you do need to understand the ins and outs of commercial rentals. How can you find the audience you need for the promotion of your retail space?

Seattle rentals1. Be Open-Minded 

If you have a space for rent, be open-minded as to who could use that space. This will help your prospective tenants be open-minded as well. According to the Houston Chronicle, your advertising should “…help potential tenants visualize their use of the space by using advertisements that describe the space and the possible uses.” A former storefront doesn’t need to be a storefront again. It could turn into everything from a cafe to a pet grooming salon to an educational facility. It doesn’t need to be a retail hub either: your retail space could turn into a walk-in office for government or nonprofits as well. Add photos and descriptions to your property listings that help prospective tenants view this as an opportunity rather than as a property that’s not quite the right fit. If you have a larger property, you can even consider subdividing it into smaller areas inside to accommodate multiple tenants.

2. Advertise for Temporary Rentals 

If you’re having trouble renting your property or you just like variety, consider renting your office on a temporary basis. This could be for everything from a pop-up shop, a movie set, or a hub for the next election. If you have the ability to manage these transitions or work with a company that can promote your unique space, then you may find that you enjoy the diversity of tenants and the lucrative temporary rental market.

3. Add Your Space to Diverse Rental Sites 

When you’re promoting your property, one fundamental is to keep your property on all of the necessary online rental listing sites and keep the listing updated so that prospective tenants know its status.

If the thought of managing your listings on various property sites overwhelms you, seek out help from a business that focuses on promoting and managing real estate and finding tenants for your properties.

4. Network Online 

In addition to advertising your space in the local newspaper and in online listing sites such as Craigslist, consider social networking as a rental advertising opportunity. LinkedIn may be for promoting yourself and finding others who share your work interests, but social networking sites can also be valuable places to connect with others who share your work needs as well. If you have a small retail space in your building, think about those who might want to use this space and reach out to them with the offer. This allows you to target specific groups who are the most compatible with your office space.

5. Advertise By Direct Mail 

While direct mail sometimes has a bad reputation, it can be a remarkably effective outreach tool if you connect with the right people in a neighborhood. If you know that your space is suitable for a small, local business, reach out to small, local customers. If you can, target specific demographics that you know would work well with the existing businesses in the area.

At Lori Gill and Associates, we’re here to support you to get the most out of your Seattle commercial and private rentals. We’re part of Windermere Property Management, and our company brings more than 40 years of experience to your Seattle rentals. When you have commercial real estate for lease, we can help you create the best advertising strategy for your property. Connect with us today.

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