What’s going on with your property when you’re not there? If your property is sitting vacant, it’s probably weighing on your mind as well. Empty properties can be targets for vandalism and theft. What can you do to ensure that your empty property is not only free of vandalism but also ready to show to prospective tenants?

Add Subtle Security

Any property could sit vacant for a time, and you need to be prepared if it does. Adding security features to your property will be helpful for your tenants while they’re in the home and help you keep the property safe and secure at all times. A fence helps keep a property private and safe and gives it a tidy, well-maintained look. Security lighting not only helps tenants when they go in and out of the house in the evening, it also helps keep your property safe when no one is home. If you’re particularly concerned about vandalism and theft, place lights on timers to make it look like someone is home. These subtle security measures are not only useful for property residents, they continue to be useful when the property is vacant.

What can you do to keep your property looking less attractive to vandals, even when you're not there?
What can you do to keep your property looking less attractive to vandals, even when you’re not there?

Maintain Your Property Well

Regular maintenance is key to reducing vandalism and theft. A well-maintained home looks like someone lives in it and cares for it. By arranging for regular lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and other regular and seasonal maintenance, you’ll give your property a lived-in look that will deter potential vandals. Remember to complete regular home inspections as well, even if a home has been sitting vacant for a while. Although a vacant home won’t suffer damage from use, it can experience damage from leaks and other problems that aren’t visible from the outside and will only be revealed through an inspection. These small maintenance problems can grow rapidly and can make a home look neglected, inviting vandals. Bringing on a property management company can help you stay on top of property inspections and regular maintenance.

Make Sure That Someone’s Home

You or your property management company should ensure that someone visits the home regularly, especially at critical times of the year. According to Active Rain, “one frozen pipe can absolutely destroy a home. You’ll need to keep the heat running while you are away and ask someone to step into the home and turn on the hot water taps from time to time to help keep the pipes warm.” From making sure that water doesn’t freeze in the pipes to checking the property for damage after a storm has passed through, these visits at key times can prevent serious problems from occurring.

Partnering with a property management company can allow you to rent your property more easily and minimize the time that the property will be vacant, which leads to fewer concerns about vandalism and theft. When you’re looking for a Seattle property management company, contact Lori Gill and Associates. We’re familiar with the issues facing Seattle properties, and we can be your presence on the ground, ensuring that your properties are well-maintained even when you’re not around. Reduce vandalism and theft and increase opportunities to attract and maintain quality tenants: Talk with us about your property management needs today.