If you’re considering going on vacation, how do you make that decision? In part, you think about the many wonderful activities that you could do at the vacation spot. Whether you love snorkeling in warm water or hiking in the mountains, shopping at boutique stores or going to wine tastings, there’s a vacation for everyone. As you promote your vacation rental, you need to help prospective guests imagine themselves at your rental, so that they can get a feel for the relaxation and enjoyment that waits for them.

Vacation rentalFocus on the Rental

Your guests are looking for a rental, and they are also looking for the amenities around the rental. According to Tripping, “similar to how home construction projects increase the price tag to a residential property, different vacation rental amenities add value to the rental and help maximize the owner’s business.” Sell guests on the space and how it complements the activities that they could do in that community. For example, if your vacation rental is near a lake where they can pursue water sports, do you have water toys available for the children? If fishing is a possibility, do you have fishing equipment available? For guests who are looking for relaxation opportunities, talking about your in-home sauna and hot tub will sell them on that particular space.

Enjoying the Community

Now, move out into the community. Every community has something to offer your guests, no matter how small it is. Your guests could be looking for:

  • Opportunities to relax and get pampered, such as wine tastings and spa days
  • Avenues for adventure, such as hiking or mountain biking
  • Casual family connection, such as good restaurants and beaches
  • Shopping possibilities. You don’t need to be in an area with huge stores. Instead, if you’re around an area like Lake Chelan, focus on the niche shopping possibilities, such as antiques, local food, or artisan boutiques
  • Unique experiences that suit their tastes, such as the local music festival or art walk

Something For Every Season

Your property could be in the middle of a city or in the middle of a rural area: it still has something to offer many different guests. It’s important to let prospective guests know about local activities and events throughout the season and to welcome them with a list of possibilities when they arrive as well. For example, around Lake Chelan, guests can enjoy boating, golfing and water slides in the summer. In the winter, there’s snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, winter fishing, and the Lake Chelan Winterfest.

Are you telling your guests everything that they need to know? If they don’t know about local activities throughout the seasons, they might assume that your property is not the best choice for a vacation. Sell them on the community throughout the year, and they might come back to visit again in the winter after a summer vacation at your cottage.

Every Place Has Its Assets

Your vacation rental may not be across the street from the Eiffel Tower or in the middle of a bustling shopping district in Manhattan. However, every rental has its charms. Your job is to highlight those for your visitors so that they can see themselves enjoying your vacation rental.

If you’re struggling to properly explain to guests how wonderful they’ll find your vacation rental, consider partnering with a property management company. A management company not only helps you find guests and maintain your property, it also manages website listings and advertising for that property. Property managers are location experts; they can help you reach the right audience for your specific property and tout the benefits of the Lake Chelan community as a whole.

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