Marketing Your Vacation Rentals in 2017

Vacation rentals

Are you feeling low about seasonal rentals? No matter whether it’s your historic low season or the busiest time of the year it’s time to focus on strong marketing messages that help make your vacation tenants feel at home. Whether you have a vacation property in an area that experiences a lot of rentals in the summer or you rent out a property in a winter vacation destination, you need to find ways to welcome visitors all year round. Consider how to market your property through every season by creating an atmosphere that starts when prospective visitors read your rental listing.

Vacation rentalsFocus on the Attraction of Every Season

If you have a lake front property with a gorgeous patio, you might feel like your property is best in the summer time. Don’t talk yourself out of marketing the other seasons: every season has its unique charms. As a marketer, your job is to tell the story of your vacation property throughout the year. Is there a spring flower festival in your area – or a fall wine tour?

Create a list of important seasonal events, but go beyond that and research what your area is known for in each season. According to, “your title as an authority or expert is a tremendous “value add” to the traveler because in addition to booking a lovely rental, they’ll feel they’re also getting their own insider guide to help them make the most of their visit.” Create a summary for visitors and use this summary in your marketing and promotions.

Keep Up With Seasonal Maintenance

There’s nothing better than coming to visit a property that says welcome from the time you start down the road. Make sure that your property is safe and welcoming in every season. Even during the off season, make sure that your property is safe and welcoming by doing the following:

  • Confirm that your road and driveway are clean and safe
  • Maintain your pathways
  • Check for roof leaks after fall, winter, and spring storms
  • Check the basement during the spring thaw and rains
  • Make sure that your property is warm: check furnaces, fireplaces, and water heaters
  • Get your outdoor space ready for every season. For example, if people like to use your hot tub during the winter months, make sure that pathways to it are safe and that you have cozy towels available.

If you can’t get to your vacation rental yourself, hire a property management company to maintain your seasonal rental. Let your tenants know that your property is cared for, no matter what the season.

Provide Amenities For Every Season

Seasonal maintenance is all about preventing problems, but you need to provide amenities for every season as well. Whether it’s a shed stocked with winter toys for the children or wood stacked and dry for fall, winter, and early spring fires, going that extra step will truly make each of your vacation visitors feel like they’re at home, and then some. Let your listings tell the story of your vacation rentals.

Don’t make rental rates the focus. One of the benefits of the low or shoulder season can be the lower prices: but according to Rentalprenuers, “sometimes, you think that you have to lower your prices a lot in the low season, but you discover that your direct competitors are doing well with reasonable prices.” To create more consistent pricing and demand, focus your marketing messages on the attractions and amenities of each season so that visitors know how cozy and inviting your rental is throughout the year.

Make sure that you highlight comments from past visitors who can speak to your ability to make visitors feel right at home. This message should be consistent throughout your blog, your website listings, and other property listings and promotions.

Are you struggling to create a marketing plan that will help you enjoy a consistent stream of visitors throughout the year? Local property management companies can help. At Lori Gill & Associates and, we understand the unique character of the Lake Chelan area. Our experienced team can help ensure that your vacation rentals get more bookings all year round. Connect with us today.

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