When you own a beautiful property, you want to share it. Creating a vacation rental is one way to share your property with others. In the Pacific Northwest, people flock to the Lake Chelan area for its sunny summers and serene winters, fun on the lake, golf, wineries and many other features. If youíre tired of playing host to vacation rental guests during your vacation time, a property management company could be the right choice for your Lake Chelan vacation property and your property management needs.

Seattle property managementThe Many Needs of Vacation Rentals

In many ways, running a vacation rental property is the same as renting out a home long term. You need to find guests for your property. You must ensure that your property is in good repair and that your guests are both satisfied and caring for your property. However, the intensity of the vacation rental experience is quite different from the experience you have when you sign a longer-term lease with tenants. With vacation rentals, you have tenants for a week or two at a time and then only a week or two between tenants. That means that itís up to you to constantly find new people who want to rent, connect with your guests, and inspect and clean your property. At the peak of the tourist season, this can be an onerous task, especially if you want to go on vacation yourself.

Property Management Companies Make Vacation Rentals Easier

When you outsource your vacation rental management to a property management company, it makes your life as a landlord much easier. You donít need to get bogged down in the everyday details of finding a better cleaning service or ensuring that the service gets to your rental on time. This can be especially challenging if you do not live near your rental property.

Hereís how a property management company can make your experience as a landlord much easier. They can:

  • Market your property
  • Manage property bookings and answer questions
  • Connect with local service providers to maintain and clean your rental property
  • Manage any repairs or concerns during a guest’s visit
  • Inspect the home after a guest has left and address any concerns
  • Manage the finances of the rental so that you have enough basic supplies, such as towels and toilet paper


Choosing the Right Property Management Business

Of course, your life as a landlord will only be easy if you choose the right property management company. When youíre looking for a property manager, look for a company that has close connections to other local businesses so that itís easy to find the services you need and receive multiple quotes for repairs or ongoing contracts. Your property manager should come with good reviews for quick service and professional demeanor. Since marketing is even more important when youíre renting out a property every week, your property management company should have a strong marketing focus and a proven ability to sell your vacation experience, get people in the door, and provide them with excellent customer service once theyíre in the property.

If youíre looking to generate an income from your Lake Chelan vacation property without adding an extra job to your life, you need a Lake Chelan property management company. Lori Gill and Associates is here to help. With extensive experience in Lake Chelanís rental market, we can help you manage your vacation properties. Connect with us†and learn more about our many services for vacation rental properties.