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2018 MID-YEAR RENTAL STATISTICS Rental Statistics update for King and Snohomish counties compared to our NWMLS competitors. We are so proud of our Property Management team at Lori Gill & Associates for their amazing work this year and it's only half way done! Review the highlights of...

How do you maximize rental income and improve your overall success in the rental property business? If you choose to grow your rental property portfolio, you need to make sure that you can invest in new properties while maintaining your existing tenants and managing your current properties. Is there an easier way to simplify rental property management for your Seattle rentals, avoid pitfalls, and build success?

Rental property management has changed a lot over the years. It used to be you'd spend hours on the phone or running from property to property to make sure that you addressed all of the concerns from your tenants. Today, you still need to have a personal touch, but you can also manage a lot of details about your properties using other technologies.

Happy holidays, welcome winter, and wow - is that a burst pipe in your rental property? During the winter months, rental property management can be anything but jolly. Cold temperatures, snow, and ice all have an impact on your properties and can lead to headaches in property management at this very busy time of the year.

Renters have rights. As a rental property owner, you know this, but you also know that individual situations can be tricky to navigate. While you own your property, your tenants are your guests there, and your relationship with your tenants is regulated to ensure that neither one of you takes advantage of or hurts the other. How can you make sure that you respect your renters' rights and ensure that you are following all of the legal guidelines for your area?

How do you choose your partner in life or work? It's not for the glossy surface, but for what really counts. How does that partner help you grow toward your goals and work with you so that you can make a difference in the world? When you choose to pursue property investment as an income stream, you need a partner who really understands how the property management business works.

Once, you looked at new properties with delight. You imagined what you could do if you managed a property business. You dreamed about connecting with tenants in a positive way, making renovations that increased the rental value of your properties, and working to build your portfolio so that you could achieve financial success and retire with financial security.