Property Owner

Apartment management can feel like you’re in the rodeo. It’s a decidedly up and down job. As soon as you solve one problem, another one throws you up in the air. How can you solve your apartment management problems and have a smoother ride? These six tips can help simplify your property management.

When you own and manage properties, you need to be up to date on the latest in the rental property management field. Even if you just own one property with stable tenants, it's best to update your systems to avoid the problems that can occur when you are overly ‘old school.’ Modernize your business by building on the processes and policies that you've already established, and don't fall behind by forgetting to update the way you manage your rental properties.

A well-maintained property with tenants who communicate and care: it's on every property owner's wish list. Unfortunately, in the world of property management, you get the good and the bad, and sometimes managing your properties can be difficult. If you own or you're thinking of investing in Seattle rentals, you need to know about the challenges that you could face before you decide to invest.

Seattle's rental market is constantly shifting, and for a long time that market has been hot. Rental rates have gone up, while the availability of rental housing has gone down. Seattle is a desirable place to live for the tech employee and the retiree alike. With the change in the presidency and other trends in the US housing market, will Seattle's rental market change in the upcoming year?

Any property owner knows that while property management can sometimes flow smoothly, it's often a road that's full of negotiation and problem-solving. If you own and manage multiple properties, the number of problems you manage on a daily basis increases. House and condo property management can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you live far away from your property or if you simply can't give it daily attention. If you want your property to be a source of income security but not a source of daily headaches, here's how to make property management easier.

Are you looking to get into the multi-family rental market or do you currently own a multi-family property?  Multi-family properties can be a great investment, but more isn't always better or easier: More homes can mean more hassle. If you're trying to decide whether you should purchase a multi-family property, it's important to consider some of the associated challenges before you buy. But don't despair, there are hassle-free ways to meet those challenges.