Multi-Family Properties

2018 MID-YEAR RENTAL STATISTICS Rental Statistics update for King and Snohomish counties compared to our NWMLS competitors. We are so proud of our Property Management team at Lori Gill & Associates for their amazing work this year and it's only half way done! Review the highlights of...

How do you maximize rental income and improve your overall success in the rental property business? If you choose to grow your rental property portfolio, you need to make sure that you can invest in new properties while maintaining your existing tenants and managing your current properties. Is there an easier way to simplify rental property management for your Seattle rentals, avoid pitfalls, and build success?

Seattle is always changing. In recent years, the demand for Seattle rental property and Seattle's housing market, in general, has flourished. With a busy technology industry and with Boomers who are looking at downsizing, the housing market in Seattle is thriving. In response, builders have been busy adding new units to Seattle's downtown areas, including new development that's occurring in Chinatown and Japantown.

Once, you looked at new properties with delight. You imagined what you could do if you managed a property business. You dreamed about connecting with tenants in a positive way, making renovations that increased the rental value of your properties, and working to build your portfolio so that you could achieve financial success and retire with financial security.

What makes a good manager? Is it your demeanor, your efficiency, or your skill at finding the right people to do the job? While owning rental property can be a great way to earn income, it's not easy to be a good manager. When you're working in property management, here are all of the jobs that you need to check off your list.

It's no secret: Seattle's commercial rental market is booming. This means that if you're in the business of commercial property rentals, Seattle is the place to be. As Seattle's demographics change, there is more and more need for additional property, and that means there's an increased demand for well-organized commercial property owners in the Seattle housing market. Are you the right person to step into the Seattle housing market and become a successful commercial property owner?