September 2016

How are your Seattle properties doing? If it feels like the property market is speeding up exponentially, you're right: Seattle's property market is the fourth-fastest growing rental market in the country. Rental rates are up and vacancy rates are down. What are the details of this constantly shifting local market, and how will they impact your business?

Whether you want a break from being on call or you're considering a purchase of an investment property, you know that you need help managing your properties. However, choosing the wrong property manager can be a big problem for your budget, your buildings, and your tenants. When you're looking for a property manager, here's what you need to look for to ensure that you're getting a reputable manager for your properties.

Housing in Seattle Roger Valdez is the Director of Smart Growth Seattle, an organization working to promote fresh land use codes to manage the growth of single-family neighborhoods. For the past 20 years, Roger has worked at state, regional and local levels on issues ranging from public health to public education. He was Neighborhood Development Manager for the City of Seattle and most recently worked as the housing director at a local nonprofit, managing and developing affordable housing. Here, he discusses the housing and rental markets in Seattle.