3 Things Unique to Property Management in Seattle

Property Management in Seattle

Are you considering investing in or managing properties in the Pacific Northwest? Property investment and property management in Seattle is a booming business, with potential tenants flocking to the city for jobs in the technology sector. If you’re considering Seattle properties, what do you need to know about the unique situation of property management? What are some of the challenges that you may face?

Seattle’s Weather Can Damage Properties 

According to Seattle Weather, “Seattle averages 37.49 inches of precipitation a year, with the vast majority falling as rain instead of snow.” Seattle’s rainy weather means that as a landlord, you must be constantly vigilant and ensure that your properties do not suffer from common rain-related problems. These include:

  • Leaks in the roof
  • Moss and algae on the roof
  • Problems with rotten siding
  • Clogged gutters and drains
  • Water damage and cracking in the foundation caused by wet soil
  • Erosion and puddles in the garden
  • Slippery wooden pathways, steps, and decks

Property Management in SeattleFrom rot to general safety problems, the weather in Seattle can cause a lot of property damage, particularly if problems are not addressed quickly. Your job as a landlord is to conduct preventative maintenance and ongoing repairs to make sure that your tenants live in a safe, healthy environment and that you protect your properties from the weather on an ongoing basis.

Seattle’s Tenants Are Unique

According to CNBC, there are now 250,000 people working in the tech sector in the state of Washington, and many of these people live in the Seattle area. Many people work for “…two local tech giants, Amazon and Microsoft; the satellite offices of Silicon Valley-based companies like Alphabet and Facebook, which now employs about 1,000 people in the city.”

For you as a landlord, this means that your Seattle clients have unique needs. Your job as a landlord is to highlight the amenities and the features of your properties and neighborhoods that make them attractive to those moving to the Seattle area.

Seattle Has Specific Laws About Tenants’ Rights 

No matter where you choose to invest your money in real estate, you’ll find that state and the particular city have laws and regulations that impact your rental properties and your interactions with your tenants.

As a landlord, you are expected to know and implement these laws when you are managing your properties and your tenants.

Are you managing properties in Seattle? If you’d prefer to invest rather than deal with the challenges of managing all of the small details of your properties, talk with Lori Gill and Associates. We are Seattle property management experts, and we can make it simple to own Seattle properties. Connect with us today.

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